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We be scamming?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Powers, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. There is a phone number on that page, try ringing it as it's sydney based just for a laugh.
  2. Relax.

    He's a verified trader and he has a picture of a padlock to prove it.

    People are so paranoid nowadays. Just accept it for what it is, a good buy. He probably is legitimately travelling in Europe at the moment and will organise everything.

    Have some faith in humanity man.
  3. The guy certainly gets around. Selling cars in NSW AND California...

    The Trading Post advert appears to have been deleted.

    Wonder why...
  4. i found a near new mazda mx5 with 30000ks on it for $6000 on trading post once... called the number out of curiosity and it was disconnected :?

    damn scammers
  5. Dare you to buy it champ.

    There's been a shitload of scams lately - it pays to be cautious.
  6. *cough*sarcasm*cough*
  7. Linky not working. Yeh there seems to be alot of scams now. I did a post of bikesales scams and since then come across more and more, like a 07 R1 for $6k. Its been removed now. Who pays for the adds?? Should track down the payment credit card or account and get em.
  8. Scamming is now taken to a new level.

    I have for sale some wheels on quicksales, there is all the info you need to know, wheels cost $1600 and only selling them for $800.
    Now im sent emails (total scam), first asked for information on wheels, and i was like it says it on the add everything, i repeated it again. NOW i got sent this;

    Apart from giving me the amount paid for these wheels new back, they cant spell cheque properly. WTF is happening lately with scams, now they contact you if your selling!!!

    AND what a gay name, Powell :LOL:
  9. Thats how alot of the scams work now.. Pay you too much by cheque for your goods... Then ask for a refund of the extra amount they paid. Meanwhile the original payment is bulls*&t and doesn't clear and you hand over your cash before you realise.. :LOL:
  10. Which is why you don't hand over the goods until the cheque has cleared.

    And tim650 what's wrong with Powell for a name? ......... Yeah, you're right, it is gay. :p
  11. Haha, well his full name is Powell Green. So made up.
    Also i noticed when he replied he said he is happy with the price and photos. I never sent photos???

  12. The cash can still be pulled out of your account weeks after it has cleared.

    Thats the whole point of the scam and why it continues to suck people in.
  13. Cheque is spelt "check" in the US.....
  14. Well it shows where they're from. But their email account is United Kingdom, why?? Meh this was my reply straight away to him, Hahaha.

    Obviously my email wasn't exploited with #*, you get what i wrote.
    Haven't got a reply yet :p
    Feel free guys to send death threats to his email, and spam him back, or send them a virus.