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We Be Fender Eliminating

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Powers, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. From this:


    To this:


    Bought one from evotech, got it in just over a week! It was quite a bastard of a job though (2008 R6 you gotto take both seats off and everything else!!)
    Looks great I think!
  2. Very nice. You should post some (smaller) pics from the side though. So we can really see that sexy R6 tail.
  3. will do tomorrow !
  4. Excuse my ignorance Guys ...
    But what is the purpose of getting rid of your rear fender? Is it just for visual effects?
    Looks Cool BTW
  5. It's to ensure that your bike fails to meet the ADR's :grin:
  6. Ta Vic ! :LOL: :LOL:
  7. looks nice. it always seems like a waste to have a nice fat tyre obscured from view by some black plastic.

    ...now you of course know that you need some mini LED indicators now to match
  8. Yep agreed, even a few goes with the rasp to get rid of those chicken strips :grin:
  9. How do you do this on an RVF400..... oh wait :p
  10. :rofl: :rofl:

  11. rode it in the wet today.....shit flies up everywhere now theres no fender!
    /me wants invisible fender
  12. lol, im not looking forward to that
  14. Fender eliminaters look the goods, but be aware the plod likes them to have a white light over the number plate.
    Without it they can ping you and put a canary on the bike.
  15. hey mate,where did you get the led & what type is it?? i just did the l-bracket mod on mine.. :grin:
  16. the evotech one comes with a built in LED light for the plate
  17. Powers,

    looks greate mate. Just did an elimination on mine also. One word of caution though. I had one of the same rego label holders hanging off the bottom of my plate. After a long ride (The Snowy Ride actually) found that the weight on the plate combined with the vibration, cracked the plate just below both the bolts.

    Wasn't a problem because the plates were standard at the time but changed to a different position before I got my personal plates.
  18. ive actually just moved the licence plate holder (the original one) to the top of the left heel guard, and secured it with the original nut and bolt that held it to the plate. Theres no way im ruining the streamline look of the back of my bike with a big ugly rego sticker on the back :D
    Would supply a photo but its just started raining !!
  19. i made my f/e for $5! two l-brackets from bunnings.. :grin:
  20. I replaced the large plastic tube with one of these


    Bit pricey, but they're smaller and a single bolt hole meant I can now mount it on the side cover. They also spin in place making them more compliant as you can view the entire label.