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VIC We are the toll: Police call for action

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Here we go again....

    Aparently all mobile cameras infra red so will be used at night and they have more rego recognition equipment..


  2. Idiots.

    I bet the pedestrian, cyclists and passengers will benefit from the ANPR enforcement programs. :roll:
  3. So the state that is the most over policed state in the country is having a massive crack down and the screws tightened.... awesome....

    what a crock of shit. Based on what? rubbish.

    Why don't they just outlaw road use for the next 3 months? That'll bring the road toll down.
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  4. And the road toll would drop to pretty much 0 if everybody stopped driving altogether Ken.
    That doesn't mean you're not a moron.

    I particularly like this:
    How about that? It's almost as though the community understands that there are always going to be road deaths and accepts that. Any chance of the politicians and police waking up to reality any time soon?
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  5. minglis, when I read that line, thought amazing how vicpol will use any bullsh&it findings from the likes of murac to justify any operation..
    what are they going to do, fine everyone for not being at least 1kph UNDER any postet limit?

    So how are they going to stop accidents where no ones breaking any road law but simply makes a MISTAKE which are most accidents..

    Their biggest fail is determining their success/failure on the toll numbers and embedding the thinking that as long I don't speed and within the road rules I'll be safe..

    Toll variations from year to year will always vary either way because we have millions of people using roads and unfortunately people are people and will make mistakes..

    The fact there seem to be around 300 deaths of the hundreds of millions of car trips make every year is quite amazing..

    0 deaths would be great but it's not and will never be a perfect world...

    Oh well, fun and games spotting the po.... lol
  6. That's exactly what they're doing...a little social engineering.

    ie. publicize their 'blitzkrieg' loud enough and a few more otherwise normal people will stay off the roads as much as possible thereby reducing exposure to risk of being a] collected by an incompetent and b] collected by the u-turning non looking highway patrol nazi and having their wallets lightened for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Good thing that fuel yesterday went to over $1.69 p/L for the real stuff....that will do more to keep the roads quiet than any nazi blitzkrieg the pigs can roll out.
  7. double post
  8. So the Victorian Polit Bureau is at it again

    Why do they never acknowledge in their "statistics" that there are more vehicles on the road each year
    nothing but bureaucrats justifying their own existence to feather their nests further
    I have said it before and will again

    Its not the ignorant politicians that we should be complaining about but rather the unelected bureaucrats that are the enemy
    Politicians are just the talking heads we elect to represent these smug bureaucrats who then spin and bullshit the politicians who really have no idea.
  9. Love your facebook post rob (y)

    I would consider putting a copy of your response here...

    Oh and Michell is questioning and is going to talk about this 1kph over rubbish soon on 3oldw
  10. that would have brought my average speed for the weekend down to 165km/h.

    police fail.
  11. “Victoria’s road police are a tenacious breed, and with support of their colleagues from general uniform, crime department and specialty units – you can expect to see a mass presence on Victoria’s roads over the next three months,” Supt Taylor said.

    “Every police car has the ability to speed-check, breath-test and enforce all road rules – and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.

    “On top of that, my team have been planning a number of large scale operations with police from the State Highway Patrol, Operations Response Unit and Road Policing Drug and Alcohol Section, hitting high-risk areas, and hitting them hard. Our metropolitan Highway Patrol police will be moving further up the highways into regional Victoria where we need motorists to slow down.

    “Road users can expect to see booze buses operating at all times of day and night with satellite cars out to catch those taking the back streets.

    and while this is going on REAL crime shoots through the roof as there is no "resources" available to combat this.

    Ahhh yes but there is no $$$ to be made from policing when it involves real crimes
  12. Does anyone else feel like riding down the Eastern on Wednesday morning at 50k across all lanes?

    Sorry but this sort of stuff just shits me.

    In the six weeks I have been ridding down Canterbury Road not 1 police car or bike in site only presence at all has been speed camera on a white holden wagon near Middlebough Road.

    In the same time period lost count of the number of people not indicating, talking on phones, eating their breakfast etc....

    How about they just do their job like they are meant to rather than roll out this rubbish to do what we all know they are really doing - generate revenue.

    End of rant.

    Cheers Jeremy

  13. which is a bigger cause of accidents then speed
  14. I had a look at the video on the "We are the Toll" facebook page.

    They mention Speed, Mobile Phones, Drink Driving, and Tiredness. No mention of skills, stupidity, incompetence, not taking care, vehicle maintenance, road conditions (and driving to them), or anything else.

    No doubt we will be seeing the video on TV soon.

    Good to see Ken does mention distracted drivers and losing concentration in his article though. At least he knows those issues exist. Most of the time they get no mention at all.
  15. No, you're missing Ken's point. It's not about the limit anymore.
    When you're caging it to work and stuck in traffic, and you take 20 minutes to drive 5km, You were putting everyone in unnecessary danger you speed demon you.

    Man, if you'd just taken 1km/hr off your 15km/hr average, you wouldn't have killed all those turtles.
    Or something.
    I'm not sure.
    Personally I passed all the statistics courses I took, so I have some trouble thinking down to ken's level.
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  16. Good points Rod.

    Ok to be fair, if there's a visible police presence then that should translate to drivers behaving themselves. If it's the standard camoflaged, hiding in the bushes with radar/lidar, type presence, then onces again it's a one dimensional focus on speed. Has speed been seen to be a root cause in the "spike"?

    They mention getting out into the country? Has the "spike" been in the country?

    One of the key problems is that no pollie or Ken, can come out and say that this is just a natural variation in a natural system. That would be unpalatable. All the previous enforcement programs were still in place, which they extolled the virtues of (and are addicted to) because it kept driving the road toll down... those programs should still continue to drive the toll down in the long term, but this year, the toll has still managed to have a spike. I can imagine how perplexing this is to the powers that be that have a very shallow understanding of stats.

    Hey Damo, offer yourself as a consultant to VicPol. (y)
  17. If people would hire me as a consultant for all the things I shoot my mouth off about. I'd be able to retire by now :)
  18. OK, let's see how long my post stays up.
  19. I honestly don't believe speed is the issue.. its people not looking/paying attention to the road/conditions/surroundings.

    I don't get pissed off when someone passes me doing 1.20$ i get pissed off when people are too busy on their phones, or playing around with their gps.. or ferreting around the back seat with their hand and not concentrating on the road.

    Or people simply just not looking.. the amount of smidsy'ing going on .. is not right.. i'm not riding in your blind spot if you opened your eyes and looked.. you'd see i've been here the whole time, that's just their excuse, for cutting me off. (Not saying i ride in the "Blind spot")

    speed is only a factor when it is accompanied with stupid driving/drunk driving.
    In my local area i see random breath testing at all times of the day.. which is good, thats a positive thing they're doing.

    The 1kph thing is a laugh.. wheres their proof? just because you say it doesn't make it true.
  20. Coming back from Mildura yesterday - 5 cameras between Bendigo and Melbourne and one unmarked car.

    It's also gratifying to see that most people have gone back to warning of them - there were a few years there where people got self-righteous and never flashed a warning. Now almost everyone does.

    But that 1km over stuff is so obviously garbage. I know they read these forums and I'd challenge them to produce the actual peer reviewed studies that show this. I'll be very surprised if they can produce evidence.
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