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We ARE our own worst enemies.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Biker clocks 178km/h without a licence

    * From: AAP
    * June 19, 2010 1:44PM

    A MOTORCYCLIST carrying a pillion passenger has been clocked doing 178km/h on the Hume Freeway at Benalla, in Victoria's northeast.

    When caught last night the 25-year-old Collingwood man was found to be unlicensed and riding an unregistered bike.

    His number plate was covered with the registration label to try to avoid detection.

    His bike was impounded for 48 hours and he will charged on summons with speed dangerous, exceeding speed limit, riding unlicensed, unregistered and with obscured number plates."

    Now we could say, "Well, he doesn't represent me, I wouldn't even think of doing something that stupid." But the fact is, it doesn't matter if he does or if he doesn't. In the eyes of the general public, he DOES represent all motorcyclists.

    We ARE seen by most non-motorcyclists as risk-taking, "temporary Australians" who they resent because of our passing them in traffic and hate because we have the freedom they don't.

    Morons like this only serve to reinforce the negative sterotype. AND, before someone tries to shift the blame to media for REPORTING stuff like this, remember, you're probably the one who would laugh all the way home if it was a car driver whose misdemeanour was reported thusly.
  2. nope he is unlicensed may not be a bike person at all
  3. Moto: true but as RC points out it's what the general public thinks that is what will be taken in.
    This is where the various riders bodies come out and speak against this unrider etc.
  4. So what are we meant to do about it? Send a whole lot of Harleys with Screaming Eagle pipes around to his place and tell him we disapprove of his behaviour? "Oi! Numbnuts! You're making us look bad!"

    This is just shit we have no choice but to wear. We can only ameliorate the damage by telling friends and family, some d!ckhead without a licence who hops onto an unregistered motorcycle and pulls 178 with a pillion is NOT a motorcyclist, he's just a d!ckhead.

    Perhaps the press need to be told the same thing. "We the undersigned NetRiders have chosen to boycott your media and publications due to your persistent biased, inaccurate and sensationalist reporting of our community group." Yeah, I can see that working. :p
  5. Prejudices don't need to have any justification. Despite all the MRA Christmas toy runs for disadvantaged kids, and the long distance rides that are done for charity if people have their minds set in concrete you can't change them. The sad thing is that we are a soft target for governments wanting to gain cheap political points without actually doing anything that requires thought or action. Playing to the 3AW talk back radio set has become a political past time. Sorry just in a fatalist mood at the moment ;)
  6. not sure what to make of the thread is it bait for everyone to argue?

    just like the guys with high powered cars that are passionate about them, there will always be a minority that wrecks it for all
  7. Yeah but all guys with fast cars are Skafe wannabes and hoons.
  8. No such intention. I merely posted it to remind us all that we are on show all the time and that a few moments of stupidity can have far-reaching consequences in terms of the public perception of motorcyclists. I have read several posts lately of people on here boasting about doing the same sorts of speeds on the public highway.
  9. And some of those with fast "sport" bikes arn't trying to be Rossi's and Stoners??....
  10. Personally I think the thread title should have been, Unlicenced speeder's are our worst enemy.

    The guy in the story has less in common with me than the Volvo driver that lives next door.
  11. "The sarcasm detecting force is not strong with this one". :-s

  12. I don't see the rider as being a "we"?

    If I go sit in a plane it don't make me a pilot.
  13. If you were in a single seat plane it would.
  14. I was thinking about starting a thread with this exact same heading after some spastic on a 250 almost took my mirror off this afternoon. He was overtaking stationary traffic at full throttle, just missing my mirror before taking off at ludicrous speed, cutting off a truck that was changing lanes, then splitting between cars like a maniac into the distance.

    Silly thing is the idiot was stopped waiting to turn right as we cruised past laughing at the absurdity of his lethal attempts to make headway through traffic. ](*,)

  15. Sit in a cop car and see how that goes for ya.
  16. Mmm, foot69 and oztom, you obviously didn't read what I posted too well so I'll spell it out, again. The fact is that, even if you don't consider that you have anything in common with the fool in this story, the general public sees you and him as being exactly the same. What YOU consider doesn't matter. It's how we are perceived that matters and, if you ride a bike, you are perceived in the negative sense no matter how you think you differ from this doofus.

  17. No I get it, but there is sweet FA me you or anyone can do about how the public views things that we have no say or power over.

    If people want to believe that some unlicensed twat who got his hands on a bike is the general populating of motorbike riders it’s their hang up not mine.
  18. What's your point? the guy wasnt just sitting on the bike, he was riding it. Therefore your analogy is useless.

  19. Ok go sit in a cop car and drive it, you a cop yet?
  20. I read it, and understand your point, If You want to associate yourself with his actions its your choice.
    Yes the general public will view us in the same light and I try to educate people that the idiots are a miniscule proportion. But when a reasonably sane rider accepts responsibilty for this imbeciles actions by encompassing it with a "WE are our own worst enemy" and then try's to put Me in the same category. No, I wont accept it.

    We're on the same side, we both think he was an idiot and will not help the general public's opinion of Bike riders..