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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. After a meeting held on Sunday afternoon an event has been planned for Wed 7th July in the afternoon starting at the Docklands.

    Complete details can be obtained HERE where you can download a copy of the flyer.

    There should be lot's of questions - don't be afraid to ask.

    The first point is - you can still join in even if you can't make it right on the departure time. Bike will be on a circuit - that you can join.

    Please email copies of the flyer to all riders, SMS people - get the word out. Its your ride - organised by many riders for riders...

  2. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    I commend the effort!

    But I have to say that there's no information at those links that will get my lethargic riding friends off their collective arses. Constructive comment.

    Why would my mate who only ride on sunny days and at the speed limit want to protest?

    Where's the big stick that is coming their way that they should worry and protest against??

    Who said what about us and why are we annoyed??

    This is not a criticism but some observations to help target and focus the protest.
  3. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    sorry, the thread title made me think they had heard about the ride, and set the media on us. Especially as its in the politics forum, and not the rides and events sub forum.
  4. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    And this is why we are pushing it up hill.
  5. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    Not necessarily. There's a key message that needs to be spread. if complex, summarise it on a webpage and link to it.
  6. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    Then my dear friend it is up to you to convince them. The organisers can only do so much. I assume you know the history - and you have been in on the other thread. What you can now do is get the discussion going. Its been red how on the other thread.. I assume you agree with everything Ken lay has said about us? Tell your mates what Ken said - they may not have heard....

    BTW - I thought everyone had been hanging out for a ride like this. Now we have a reason - why the sudden doubting?
  7. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    i gotta agree with rob on this one, what are we protesting for? :-s
  8. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    Here is a little of what Ken Lay said, as reported in The Age and the Herald Sun:

    Both of these statements are demonstrably untrue. And they were made on the day that a positive initiative for more rider training was launched. Guess which was covered more by the media?

    We are being made scapegoats for the road toll despite the fact that there are more bikes on the road than ever before, and even with this year's disappointing crash stats the trend is still fewer fatalities than in the past.

    Instead of focusing on the positive impact of motorcycles on congestion and parking, Ken Lay and others are vilifying us in the media - painting us as idiots and hoons with no respect for our own lives.

    Bicycle Victoria gets bike lanes and bike racks and no standing zones on popular bicycle routes. What do we get? Misrepresentation in the media.

    It is time to set the record straight. It is an election year. If we want initiatives like having filtering explicitly legalised, and safety boxes (advanced stop areas) at the traffic lights, and the ability to use bus lanes and other mass transit lanes, then we need to have a voice. We need to be a force to be reckoned with.
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    Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    Read the History.

    We are displaying awareness. A detailed paper is being prepared which will be published here in the next few days.

    Its an awareness ride - like what they did in the [URL="]UK at The Breakfast Club[/URL]

    Need more info - ask more questions:D
  10. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    I think what the guys are trying to say is that this information needs to be on the flyer (or links on the flyer to this information), you need to do more than rely on word of mouth.
  11. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    Regular ride to rule rides at inconvenient times is the key.

    The HOON propaganda is driving enforcement activities that will impact on every rider. That's a key message.

    HOON's are being blamed for the spike in the road toll. Where's the statistic that supports the latter or refutes it?

    Of the 34 fatalities this year, how many could be attributed to any kind of hooning ability?

    The direct statements of Ken Lay puts the spike entirely on motorcyclist and more specifically HOON motorcyclists. The TAC stats don't support the spike message and are at best unclear about the hoon representation.

    These are some of the messages.

    So let's ride perfectly to the law and let the congestion ensue.
  12. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    I still reckon they will gas you guys

    Hows that old Joke

    Victorian Police " bang bang bang" stop or we will shoot
  13. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    What if we are hoons?
  14. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    Then you'll have to disguise your inner hoon for just a little bit Loz.
  15. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    The Wednesday Morning/Evening Breakfast/Supper Club is an ongoing protest against Westminster Council farkers (the council for inner London) who are now charging bikes to park using a 'bike parking tax' of one pound. Sort it out Boris! I doubt I'll go back to London though. Too cold and wet for me.

    Added: They are in court at the moment trying to get the tax declared illegal. If they lose then they are threatening to run the protest every single working day, bringing the centre of London to a complete standstill. That would be interesting.
  16. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    Well according to Ken Lay and Neil Mitchell you are one. Here is your right to reply....
  17. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    The other broader message is that 300 Victorians die on the roads each year and according to the spin, the vast majority of those fatalities were due to speeding and hoon behaviour. Where's the statistics to refute or support that? That's a key message to highlight the falseness of the PR.

    People will die even if they do not break a single road law. This is an important but not salient message too.

    According to the spin the entire spike this year (which is compared to the lowest ever fatality number last year) is entirely due to motorcycle fatalities, but more specifically due to motorcycle HOON related fatalities. This is demonstrably not supported by the governments and vicpol's own stats and reports. That's a key message.

    Ken Lay should get raked over the coals from his OPI for criminally misrepresenting the statistics.

    The ride to rule ride is clear then, ride within the law, nothing at all like a hoon and let the Ken Lays hang themselves on their own PR. Give Ken Lay what he wants, then somehow get the message out to motorists - to explain what riding a bike like a car means for them.
  18. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    Exactly that Rob
  19. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    The mra invite link is NOT WORKING
  20. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons AWARENESS RIDE

    Which link? Its works fine for me.

    You need to scroll down to get the download of the PDF. Must be at your end...