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We are all dumb lollipops

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by moog, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. I was riding home yesterday when a parked car pulled right out in front of me. I got on the brakes hard and pulled up about a metre behind this car which was a white Suzuki Vitara with the roof down.

    I hit the horn for about 2 seconds at which point the car stopped, blocking the lane and all other traffic. The driver who had his P's and very greasy hair, 2 mates in the car, turned around and yelled "what are you honking for?"

    I say "Because you almost ran me off the road"

    to which he says "SO!"

    He just looks at me then asks again "What are you honking for?"

    to which I reply "Are you going to move? You're holding up the whole street?"

    To which he says "You f*ucken motorbike riders are all dumb lollipops anyway"

    Made my day - went home to try and convince my wife I was a lollipop... but she didn't believe me.

  2. Select neutral, put the sidestand down, go have a chat. Leave helmet and gloves on.

    Just a thought.
  3. Just ignore them I guess. Any physical contacts would make things worse except if your are bruce lee I guess.
  4. For him :grin:

    Devotard has the right idea. Even though there were three of em, what he did is more than enough to warrant a belting.

    Otherwise confiscate his side mirror then throw a Shampoo bottle at his head :grin:
  5. Just open a can of whoop-ass, bust out your Ninja sword and decapitate the lot of them. That'll learn the rest of the drivers on the road to give riders some respect. :grin:
  6. It's situations like this that make it necessary to carry a half metre of lead pipe. You guys all carry a lead pipe, right? Surely it's not just me.
  7. Forgive my ignorance but WTF is a lollipop (in this context)?
  8. Lead piping is too heavy, baton is perfect. Otherwise a trolley pole is a good substitute.
  9. Yeah my wife won't lick me either :wink:
  10. Tyre lever up the sleeve and used in a stabbing action (rather than as a bludgeon) to the solar plexus is very effective. Or so I'm told :wink: .

    Just remember, first to pull a weapon loses all ethical right to subsequently expect mercy from either the other participants or the courts :shock: .
  11. Yeah cnts like this deserve a flogging.

    Extendable baton ftw.
  12. Put your helmet on

    Look In the Mirror

    Hold up Chupa Chup


  13. :LOL:

    Insult of the year contender!
  14. Ah trolley poles...
  15. ya i would pretty much do that, unless there was heaps of other cars behind.

    Alot of those kinda people are just all talk, once it looks like your goin to do something they very quickly back down.

    Wounder what my girlfriend will do if i tell her im a lollipop :angel:
  16. I guess it depends on how intimidating you look on your bike as to what the reactions of the driver would be...But after being called a "lollipop" I would have at least let him know, that at least you get sucked on, and that "P" plate wankers like him will have to stick to playing "tents" late at night with Mrs Palmer and her five daughters!
  17. I'm not at all an aggressive guy, but I've wondered:

    Has anyone made a mount to hide a trolley bar/pole at the bottom of their fairings (on the inside)? ie. Under the engine? my bike has plenty of space to hide a sneaky one there, and no one would ever notice it.
  18. I have tried telling a couple of my female friends that I am a lollipop, no good will come of this :oops:
  19. Really?

    She doesn't hesitate with me.

  20. i would have belted him, no question about it but thats just me.