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We all need a moment.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, May 19, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    It seems that there is a high number of motorcyclists that are being taken away from us. I would like to nominate a country wide minutes silence to remember.

    I would like to nominate Friday the 27th, 12 noon. We all have a minutes silence for those poeple that have been lost. 12 noon melbourne time, so other states please, if you would not mind, adjust accordingly.

    Moderators: Is this OK with you??

    God bless.

  2. I never thought I would say this, but Skuffy has a good idea :p

    This should however be used by us to also increase public awareness of us as road users.

    Maybe it could be held at the start of the protest ride on Friday, or at the end of the Toy Run, or some other big media event.
  3. Gr8 idea, how do you plan to promote it to the wider bike community?
  4. I think holding it as part of a larger event would have more impact.

    Maybe try something more visible as well - such as for the Toyruns around the country, offer up a white ribbon for $1 donation (to go to the Toyrun charities) which bikers can attach to their bike/jacket/etc, and then hold your minute's silence JUST BEFORE the toyrun gets underway. Everyone kills their engines and take a minute, then fire them up again and begin the ride.

    Media will be there to cover it - you'll get HUGE amounts of publicity when done this way.
  5. Great idea!

    So long as the media are at the start. Might need to liase with the media to be sure that they see both ends of the run.
  6. Gr8 idea skuff , fully support you. :D
  7. OK, I will start talking to the relevant people

    All assistance would be appreciated.
  8. would like a mention for my mate leister hillier who lost his arm in a motorcycle accident.......

    good idea btw:D
  9. I'll try to assist you where possible, however if you want to use the Toyrun, you'll probably need to contact the MRAA. You could also send our friendly admin Vic a note - he's pretty handy when it comes to organising stuff - he may have some valuable advice for you.
  10. bloody fantastic idea skuffy boy :D

    let me know if i can help out ;)

    yes i think the toy run or something would be a great idea, especially for the media coverage etc :D
  11. Top idea Skuffy! :applause: I will bow to that!

    Considering the Blue Ribbon Foundation hold a now annual event "The Blue Ribbon Ride", and the ride is designed to alert the public to fallen Officers, perhaps the minute's silence could be observed as part of that Ride - at the start.

    I realise we are losing more than just Police Force members, but an event such as that would give a great amount of publicity to our cause. Last year there were all types of media at the start of the ride.

    Just another idea... :idea:
  12. All very fine idea's. I think your on a winner there Sir Skuffy. If you need any help with getting the idea running, just ask :)
  13. Good Stuff!!

    Positive action..., not just talk, I like the man!!!

    Best of luck Sir Skuffy, I'd try the same here, but I can't even get a couple of riders to turn up to a coffee :oops:

  14. At the risk of being inappropriate, I kinda think bikers need to take more responsibility instead of them being "taken away" or "lost".
  15. To some degree I agree. But there are also the drivers who actually cause etc the majority of "accidents". The more awareness out there being thrown at drivers, and riders, the better.
  16. Great Idea.

    How about we put together a Motorcycle Awarness Week.
    For 1 week we flood everyone and everything with "Look for riders" sorta campaign.

    Get posters made up, hang them everywhere. etc, etc.

    I have a few ideas, brainstorm session anyone?

  17. Sounds good Vic. I'll be in that!

    Just not 25th May - State of Origin NRL is on :wink:
  18. As I remember, Vic Roads already has a bit of a campaign for motorcycle awareness, perhaps merge with their ads and have a physical presence such as ANOTHER meeting on the steps of Parliament House with the media.
    Vic Roads should be glad to get extra coverage and with our presence it might actually get some credence in the public eye.

    Besides, Vic Roads might pour some money in for extra media coverage we could not afford?

    Just an idea.


  19. I dont think that anyone could pull off a Motorcycle Awareness Week in under 6 days dear :) :p

    Go the MAROONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Good ideas there Brian, we'll wait and see who we got on board and once we have a few people we can get the ball rolling.