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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Kurtis_Strange, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. Just gave my bike its first scrub down...

    The guy who owned it before me bought it new and its been looked after so is in really good nick, she's got a few stone chips here and there but I guess thats to be expected on a two year old bike?

    One thing which does concern me is a few of the nuts have some surface rust on them, is WD40 the best thing to squirt on these? In fact I'd like to just squirt over all the moving parts with some WD40 to make sure its all oiled and well maintained, eg like the brake and clutch levers, all nuts etc...is there anywhere I shouldn't use it?

    Also, I've noticed a few spots of what must be grease or lube spattered about on the lower fairing, its mainly white so really stands out...I was going to ask whats best for this without damaging my plastic fairing or decals, but I've found Mr Sheen which I use to polish the bike works a treat :D

    There's lots of nooks and crannys for crap to get in under the fairing huh? especially around the back tyre near the big shock absorber spring...am I being too anal to want to clean that on the inside? Is it possible without taking the bike apart?

    Bikes looking sweet...pics coming soon :)
  2. i'm no expert but i do know that if you go nuts with the wd40 dirt is gonna stick to it (excuse the cliche) like shit to a blanket. honestly dirt will stick to it in two seconds flat. go easy on it!
  3. hmmm ok. so is there another product best suited for nuts with surface rust?

    The bike is outside in the weather with a cover on it at the moment so I want to make sure I'm doin everything I can re maintenance and corrosion prevention.
  4. got no idea sorry. i guess anodising all the nuts would work, but thats bling and expensive.

    waiting, waiting, waiting for someone who knows to say something..... :D
  5. Are these chromed nuts, or just 'ordinary' ones?
  6. Lanolin (spelling???) might be the stuff for you.
    I use it on the 4WD and it keeps things pretty good i reckon and it stops the rust. I have heard that people running hire company on Fraser Island use it on their 4WD's and they reckon it works a treat.
  7. Keep WD40 well away from your chain and brake rotors/pads, though surface rust on parts is probably best dealt with using metal polish (eg Autosol).
  8. I'll have to have another look, but from memory they are just ordinary ones....some are the little allen key ones. Its not full on rusting but I'm just wanting to pre-emptive.

    I'll look into the lanolin....is it a detergent or a spray?
  9. Just found it on the net;
    Go to www.lanotec.com.au and click 'Automotive'
    i think it comes in various forms
  10. mate wd40 & mr sheen DONT go anywhere near your tyres
    or you will find out the hard way. :eek:

    Hakin :wink:

  11. er yeah ok...:LOL:

    Thanks Jono, I think I'll get some 'general purpose' lanotec, looks like the go - they sell it at Bunnings
  12. But the tyres look so new and shiny with Mr Sheen :p

    You forgot to mention the seat ;)
  13. yep thats what i've got and i reckon it's worth a try, certainly wont do any harm and i have heard quite a few good reports about it. I got a tub of it for free from a servo i used to work at and i just dip a cloth in and apply it. so far so good.
  14. nah you can do the seat that makes it interesting :LOL: :LOL:

    Hakin :wink:
  15. back when I was young and stupid, as opposed to what I am now, which old and stupid, I had the bright idea that once I had cleaned my dirt bike I would spray it all over with WD40. I was in the RAAF then, and WD40 was plentiful and very very inexpensive anyway, I washed the bike, filled a pump applicator with WD40 and sprayed everything but the seat, took it out for a ride and the first stop I had to make was at the guard gate to get off base...... yup no brakes and straight into the barrier.. knocked me flat on my arse and that little XT250 sailed right on under the barrier and fellover off base..... at least the bike made it out.. I copped weekend warrior work for gross stupidty.

    Lesson learnt .... WD40 is bad
  16. so what the hell is it used for then?
  17. you can use it for cleaning grease off bits and pieces and waterproofing your electrics to a degree
  18. for loosening NUTS :p
    NOT yours :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Hakin :wink: