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WD40 for Rusted Chain?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pgm, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. Hi guys,

    I haven't rode my bike for over 9 months
    my chain is rusting and dry.. What's the remedy? WD40?

    Thanks again Champs!
  2. if it is an 'o'ring type, then no, you will bugger up the 'o'rings, take the chain off the bike, soak in warm light weight oil, give it a brush with a tooth brush, wipe clean, replace on bike, use proprietry chain lube and it should be ok, if it is stiff or stretched, you are probably better off just replacing it altogether, give bike mart a ring 98795822 and ask about a replacement, if you tell them you are a member of netrider they will do you a good deal.
  3. Dry rusty chain is a dead chain. Sure you could tack on some extra miles on it the way it is (even lubed up with WD40 or chain lube), but it'll be way gone in no time at all & proberly start losing chain rollers &/or kink up & load up the output shaft bearing etc causing damage.

    New chain & sprokets might seem costly now, but how would it feel riding a bike that might leave you with a long walk home?
  4. 9 months , what were you pregnant or something :LOL:
  5. Or worse still a long hospital stay! Safety before dollars always!
  6. More like costly now? How do you like the sound of snapped chain equal cracked case. Cracked Case > New Chain & Sproket.

    It's not worth it
  7. Replace the chain and keep the new one oiled regularly.