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Way OT: PC diagnostic program?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FormerUser2, May 31, 2005.

  1. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  2. Memtest86 is the best memory test out there.

    Think it's on the UBCD though.
  3. UBCD is probably the largest collection of cool random tools out there. And you don't even need an OS installed, so long as your PC can boot off CD.

    If you're after the cheapest solution for a new low-end PC, I recommend you check out the computer swap meets that are on every Sunday at random locations (check www.comtrader.com.au). You could probably pick up a whole P3 system for <$200
  4. Marty, most modern processors shut down before they cook. Have you done the obvious and simply replaced the fan? (using new heat paste).

    I had a PC where the fan went west. It would run for a couple of minutes then die. Replaced the fan and all is well.

  5. AN since we are talking geeky diagnostics ... I have a HDD that 'clatters' upon power-up. Sounds like the heads have hit the platter or similiar. The HDD isn't recognised in BIOS, and neither is a master device on the same cable (HDD jumpered as slave).

    Is it a boat anchor, or somethign else I can do to try and get it to the point of reading the data/files off it?
  6. Mouth, I'd be suspecting the cable first....

    Does it recognise the master device if the suspect HDD is not connected?

  7. most likely. Some if not most of the platters might be OK, but the allocation tables/partition info will be probably be stuffed.

    There are a few cool tools that could recover what's left (as long as the thing can still spin up), but not many good ones are free, as recovery companies like charging a premium for their services.

  8. Yup, no problems there. Master devices on both cables fine without the dodgy HDD as a slave. HDD definantly goes clack, clack, clack, etc.. on power-up. Add in the HDD on either primary or secondary port cable.
  9. Sounds like a doorstop.

    If it has important data, I *believe* there are agencies who can recover it, but it costs heaps.

    A colleague had 18 months of research data on a Mac. Bachup disks locked in the filing cabinet next to the Mac.

    Building burned down.

    They managed to recover the data from the HDD in the melted mac.
  10. i use that..its good along with Belarc PC Advisor..www.belarc.com

  11. You too?
    My Primary HDD, after boot up makes a "sshhh" "sshhh" "sshhh" "sshhh" noise.
    At first it would do it twice then stop, up until about a month ago it did it 4 times, now I think it's op to around 8-10.

    It's about to die.........

    Must get a replacement before it stops booting :(
  12. If its a weekend job the the computer swap meets, that perkz mentioned previously, could come in handy on the sunday.
  13. Sometimes you can get drives to come back to life by changing from a master or slave setting to a cable select setting.

    If its really getting desperate, I've heard of people having luck baging the drive up in a Ziplock bag (probably have to suck out the air as well) to protect from moisture, then put the drive into the freezer overnight (perhaps try a 20 minute stint first), pull it out and put it in the computer and while all the components stay cold you can read the data. So best to be ready to copy the data onto another drive before you take the drive out.

    And another trick is taking the platers out of that drive and putting them into another but I've got no idea how you'd keep contamiates off the platers in order to avoid head crashes when you fired it back up.
  14. "clunk clunk clunk" is definately the sound of a hdd on its way out. recover what you can asap and then attack it with a hammer. (unless its a 10gig seagate then give me the part number and batch as it may be of use to me)

    Im quite supprised that a P3 would cook. I know for a fact that the have thermal protection as it was the onlything that made it better than the athlons of the day. I would almost get a second opinion, but then for $30 i wouldn't bother, just pay the $30 and get a working computer back.