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way OT, data storage and retrieval advice needed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roundabout, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. I need to find some info out about data storage systems. Fistly I need absolute 100% surety of non-loss or corruption of data and fairly speedy access to the data (although possibly only accessed once per month but this will vary). Am thinking a server plus backup to separate removable HD plus backup to DVD. Any thoughts/advice/costs? will need to be mac compatible as well.


    edit: should have said data stored will be in the order of around 200-1000Gig but after initial storage will most likely only be accessed in under 1gig lots.

  2. For backups we use a Sony AIT 4 tape auto-changer. It has been fantastic no problems in the 3 or 4 years we have had it. I don’t know about guaranteeing it 100% though.
    Every now and then a tape starts giving problems so we replace it but have not lost any data.

    Backing-up 1000 gig onto DVD is going to be painful.
  3. Multiple external hard drives would probably be my choice.

    Lacie make a 1TB and a 1.6TB model but obviously they uses striped multiple drives so they are probably a bit prone to failure long term.

    That said, chances of two or three all going off at the same time would be pretty minimal.
  4. not on the same kinda scale as you are talking, but i use a server with mirrored 80g hdds and CD backup at work here with no problems. the mirrored drives mean that the data is safe even if one drive goes bust on us (has happened 3 times in 5 years to me, better to be safe than sorry) and the CD backup is an incremental thing that basically saves just the things that change week to week. short of some kind of act of god, i'm pretty sure my data is safe :D

    biggest problem with mirroring is that you have to buy 2 drives to make 1 drive :? it ensures 100% data security tho unless BOTH drives happen to fail at the same time. and then finding the right software for backing up too :roll: i mean you could do it all manually whwnever its needed, but goddamn that gets old. our system just needs someone to slap in a CD on a friday arvo and then take it out again when done, love it :D
  5. The question is how much data do you need to be able to store.

    A SAN storage array would be great, but once again, it costs some serious dollars to have the fible channel, and if you want it to be rudundant, then a dual fibre channel is what you want, then on to of that, you then need a backup mechanism to back it up.

    Is it mission critical, in which case, do you run a replicated SAN and go to tape backup and store offisite.

    Just saying that you want to store data, well shit, you can buy a USB memory stick or a removable hard drive, thats storing data, more information......

  6. thanks for the info, i wanted to keep away from tapes but it may end up being the most affordable option.

    your right about the 1000 gigs onto DVD's but they won't all have to be burnt at once, only as the comes in (which should be monthly or so). now that i think about it, 1000 dvd's is going to create a storage problem in itself
  7. Yup, as per above with a tape backup.

    If money is no object, then SAN.
  8. If i were wanting a cheap and cheerful way to backup ~1TB i'd be looking at 6x 400gb IDE drives and putting them together into some god un-known USB briefcase style enclosure. Of course it's not going to be anywhere as fast as a dedicated backup/storage server (Ala. glipschitz idea), but it'll be a darn sight cheaper.

    Go to jaycar... get 2x small aluminium heavily padded briefcases and then hollow it out to install the guts of 3x USB IDE caddies in each briefcase. Hook them up into a USB hub in each, so it's simply 1 cable for each briefcase.
    Once plugged in it'll show up as 3x 400gb drives. Unfortunately the only redundancy you'll get is doing it with the other briefcase aswell.

    On the upside, you'll feel like James Bond carrying around 2 aluminium briefcases. :D

    edit: The rough quote for the koma-endorsed-'ghetto'-backup solution is about as follows:-
    8x 300gb drives (their cheaper than the 400's by a fair chunk atm) $1600
    8x USB-IDE caddies $320
    2x Aluminium brief cases from jaycar $80
    2x USB hubs $30

    Walking around knowing you've got 2TB worth of portable data storage... in briefcases! :D Priceless.
    ...But the total comes in at $2030. :(
    Ok, most definitely cheaper to just go with tapes.
  9. bit more info:

    i have under $5000 to spend so cost is a factor. Most of the time a job lot of data will be uploaded (1-200gig), and then burnt off or whatever system of redundancy is being utilised (i will most likely use DVD's in any event as the owner of the data will require a copy at their premises). When data is required it will be required in smaller lots from different locations and time will be fairly critical. The data itself is critical and would cost more than $5K if it is lost.

    is it an option for me to pay for storage at someone else's server and then just have a HD and DVD burn at my place or will this just be too expensive?
  10. ah yes software, the next big question. any advice or are you all sick of this thread?

    thanks btw to everyone :)
  11. i didn't actually think too much about the situation, just quoted my own small business setup. i guess what you want would be dependant entirely on what your situation is.

    would this work?

    * 1 fairly standard PC in a big case with a ripper of a power supply with onboard SATA and RAID and 2 extra PCI raid cards
    * run the OS off a single SATA drive
    * have mirrored 200G drives on the onboard RAID and/or raid cards (200g drives are the cheapest dollar for gig at the moment i beleive and raid cards can be had for around $50 ea i think) to total your 1000G.
    * have 1 or 2 200g USB drives or removable racks for large chunks of data for the clients and a DVD burner for smaller chunks and for incremental backups etc.

    all this would cost you less than $2500 so you've got a bit of change to play with for extras like a decent UPS etc.

    this is just my solution based on a limited scope (i'm far from an IT expert) but my smaller scale version of this works a treat :D

    and the software i use is called Nova Backup. again, maybe not suited to large scale data, but definately does the job over here....