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Wax or Silicone?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Rabbito, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. I have been using Meguires quick wax..but alas after a year tis all but used up. I did see a silicone spray in bike shop and was wondering if it gives a deeper shine or better protection.
    Anyone use Silicone type spray for after the bike bath?

  2. I have used motul shine and go on the bike before, the only place where it really made any difference was on he black plactics.

    However after a proper wash and polish (wash, clay bar, polish, polish, wax) the bikes colour was much deeper. It was a nice improvement.
  3. I know its not what you're after, but the best shine on my bike has come from Mr. Sheen!
  4. I have used Mr Sheen for a while,I was told about it by a sales dude in the 80's...and old time handy stand by for a quick shine..but it doesn't last long..and overspray near wheels is a killer.
  5. try KY Jelly :)
  6. Silicone will cause problems if you ever need/want a respray. It embeds in the paint and when you go to paint it later, the new paint won't stick...

    Mr Sheen and WD40 both contain silicone.

    There are some very good auto waxes around, Dodo is one that springs to mind.
  7. Y2K-KY is better..it lets you fit four digits into your date..when before you could only put in two. :p
  8. Haha!! :LOL: That is brilliant!! I tip my hat to you, sir.