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Wax or Grease?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vossy53, May 25, 2010.

  1. Good Day! Give me your thoughts on Grease or Chain wax? Which do you use and why?
    Happy Riding

  2. ^^^
  3. Silkolene (spelling?) chain gel. Goes on thick and doesn't fling (like wax) but cleans off easy with kero and a rag (like lube). Unless you're dedicated to chain cleaning the wax can build up if you just keep spraying it on. That said, I got some free lube the other day so I've been using that. It has a tendency to fling onto the rear wheel and tyre and the pillion passenger's expensive jeans/pants. Ladies tend not to be all that understanding when that happens.
  4. i used this too
  5. I'm hearing about this more and more. Price roughly?

    And who wears expensive jeans/pants on a bike? Just wear down-to-earth bike pants (that will actually protect you) and we're all good :D
  6. I have used bel ray lube and it's great. Pretty much no fling at all, but it can get a be tacky when cleaning. Motul road is what i am using currently, comes off easy when cleaning but it flings a fair bit.

    Neither of them end up with to much crap sticking to the chain.
    The bel ray seems to hold on better during the wet though. If you use it make sure you have something between the sprocket and the wheel as it's white.
  7. Motul Road.
    It's a very light lube and gets in between the plates, unlike a wax.
    I wipe down the side plates after aplication. No fling off at all.
    I find a tin does not last as long as the heavier wax/grease types of lube, but would never go back to a heavier lube.
  8. For all those interested: I rec the special chain grease used for high speed chain (open dusty conditions)used in the mining industry. Stays on the chain with very little fling. Rode 200km and the chain stayed wet. I liked it! Now I have mixed the grease with ROIL METAL CONDITIONER (made Germany) that actually reduces wear/riction as it coats metal surfaces. I have known this product for years and it is truly amazing. Again will keep you posted. Nothing ventured nothing gained!!
    Safe riding
  9. Oh gawd, the old best lube for chain debate?????????

    Many wars have been fought and lost for lessers reasons......lol
  10. LOL?? Sorry I thought that a forum was a venue to share something different. I don't know if any person has tried this combo so I thought I would give it a try. Its not a war, I'm just trying something new. Beats following other sheep.

    Stay safe
  11. Good stuff mate, post up your results & let us know how you go!

  12. Hey Joe you look like a boof head (wait till you see my picture lol) but love your Suzy!!

    Stay Safe
  13. :rofl: Last I looked, not much boof left on my head.....
    but in the seventies.... half way down the back..........:rofl:
  14. Hey Joe.. Ditto with the hair. Let me guess you are 92kg in weight 6 foot or taller??

    Had a look at the CBR1000R and the Suzy Z1000. What a dissapointment. Both short and stumpy. Very much unlike my 750F and your 500?? Had a look at the 650F does'nt seem much diff to my 750. Whilst I prefer the midd size bike as I am 6ft 4 and 87kg. What to buy next. 1100 Blackbird?? Tell me about your bike. Fuel consump? What are the revs at 110km? I guess its the same story with you? We both need a longer bike with a bit of fairing? Perhaps the new bandit with the fairing? Your thoughts please??
    Stay safe

  15. nah mate, I'm 5'10 and 83kg.
    Gs500 seems a good fit for me but I'm quite shorter.
    At 110K it sits just under 6K (that's alowing for the over reading speedo)
    Gs fuel consumption as 4L per 100K so great range with 20 liter tank.

    what will I get after restrictions?
    I was looking at the susy bandit 1250 but I've sat down and seriously looked at why type of riding I'll be doing. My list of places to ride include long distances which will include quite a few gravel roads so I'll will also consider the Suzy Vstrom 1000.
    Plenty of test riding when the time comes

    Probably stick with suzy as you seem to get a lot of bike for the money.....