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Wax on my wheels?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Michaelo, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know a safe way to remove the wax you can get on the wheels of new bikes? When I bought my bike the sales person told me that my bike had something like wax on the wheels and to go easy on it for the first few hundred ks. It's been over 2000ks and I've still got a rim on my wheels.

    I only ask because last week while coming up the national park between Sydney and Wollongong I had my front wheel slide in one of those turns with the new asphault. Upon checking my wheels after arriving home I noticed the "wax" rim.

    I have some pics but apparently I need to post a few more times before I can link the images ><
  2. You won't scrub off the moulding agent unless you actually use the parts of the tyre on which it remains, so you'll need to lean it over a fair bit as gently as possible. I think someone here once suggested figure-8s in a carpark. The idea is to do it in controlled conditions so that you don't go to lean it over one day, and find yourself sliding down the road because you were pushing a bit and finally used more of the slippery parts of the tyre surface.
  3. Its a mold release compound that is used to get the new tyre out of the mold.

    You can use Grease & Tar remover to shift most of it but after 100km it would be gone. It melts off as your tyre heats up.

    I don't tend to worry about it too much after the first 50km or so.
  4. 100ks and it should be gone?

    Hmm maybe I've got something else stuck on my tires :\

    Edit: Unless it was the corner, speed and lean angle I was in. I've never felt the front slip except on that one turn in the NP.
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  6. +1 on the chicken strips.

    As you progress you'll slowly grind them away, just take baby steps :)
  7. I took it easy on the first left and first right and never really thought about it since but I think its all gone from the center of my tyres :grin:

    Must be time to whack some more tyre black on :LOL: :LOL: