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Waving to kids in cars

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gramlord, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. I love it when kids in a cager's car wave to me. They are often hanging out a back window, sometimes the front, usually without their cager-driver's awareness. I always wave back. If I can I'll chat with them. These little tykes see me (us) as different, special and interesting, so why not give some positive vibes back.

    What say the crowd, do you wave back or not?
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  2. I cringe everytime I see a car/driver referred to as a 'cage'/'cager'. :\

    It is fun to wave back to kids when they are enthusiastically waving as I ride passed.
  3. It's one of those things which will turn the shittest possible day into a nice one. I love howling at dogs sticking their head out Windows too.
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  4. I'm going to try this
  5. I have no intention of dressing in black leather and chatting to other people's children, ever.................... although i have been known to wave on occasions, but not in a predatory fashion.
  6. More often than not, the snotty nosed little ankle biters just stare with their nosed pressed up against the glass, I'll give 'em a wave every time. Sometimes they wave back.
  7. wave, yes.
    chat, no.
  8. I've been known to bark at dogs on the back of utes. I also had one try to launch itself at he when overtaking at 120 ish. Thankfully the owner had a rope on it.

    I wave to kids. Generally I teach a few oft hem too.
  9. mmmm, can't say that i do acknowledge the spawn of cager scum.
    might give them the finger if their waving is persistent.
    little shits.
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  10. If stopped at traffic lights and the kid in the car is next to me, I'll wave.....
    gives me a good excuse to check out to Mum or possibly Granny driving. ;)
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  11. I wave to kids, some of em get so stoked when you have back.

    I did encounter a kid who persisted in sticking his finger up at me from the back of his Mum's kia carnival. So I opened my visor & at the next intersection I filtered along up next to the car & without stopping yelled "YAHHH!!!!" at the top of my lungs when I was right next to the car.

    Probably a little slack, but if you can't teach your children to keep their limbs inside the car then I'll do that for you. The little shit will probably never so much as look at a motorcyclist again!
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  12. A lot of kids are fascinated by bikes, some of them don't know what to do when I wave at them. When I go to the supermarket I park on the footpath and encounter heaps of kids. Sometimes a parent has had to drag their child away because they wouldn't stop staring, and some have stopped and waited so they could watch me start the bike and take off. Some parents encourage their kids to wave and others pull them close and walk them away quickly because you know, motorcyclists eat children. I think they have us confused with the Catholic church...
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  13. Was going to suggest a burnout at the traffic lights to keep them happy.

    But that would be irresponsible.

    Wave to the kids, blow a kiss at the milf driving, and shake your fist at dad
    Something in there for everyone.
  14. I consider waving to kids, and being friendly to other road users in general, as grass roots PR. If they consider us as people too then they're more likely to look for us when they're old enough to drive or even ride themselves. If all we do is snarl or ignore them they're more likely to hold a negative impression.
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  15. One time I'd just parked and there was a kid in a car next to me with his window down, so I said hello. He seemed perplexed and said, "I don't know you," to which I replied, with amusement (which I suspect was shared by the parent who was standing nearby), "And I don't know you," and continued on my way. Kids these days :rolleyes:, whatever happened to the days where one would wander around on one's own and chat to random dishevelled old men with beaten up old vans?

    Anyway, yeah, I wave at kids. Figure that being nice to them helps suck them into the cult wonderful world of motorcycles ^.^.

    Your capitalisation of "Windows" in connection with dogs made me think of Bob.
  16. Autocorrect on android phone was responsible for that.
  17. Always wave back, love how kids' faces brighten up then. Makes my day :)

    Yesterday I was riding home with a pillion who is a bit different. Got more waves than usual :)
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  18. that's actually kinda hot
  19. Riding bear back I see
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  20. Sexualising a teddy bear is weird