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Waving Finger

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tjongdy, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Driving along Springvale Rd and just crossed the Ferntree Gully Rd intersection in Mulgrave, I see this black Holden Ute pull out of the Mobil petrol station and floor it all the way to the right hand lane nearly taking out the rider infront of me.
    Well done to the rider for keeping the rubber side down (and if you are on the forums I was the car behind you).
    So the ute just wanted to get to the median area to do a U turn, as I pass the bike I see the right arm extend and the finger wave furiously.

    Being a learning is scares the crap out of me to see things like this happen, but I guess its a fact of life if you ride.

    Just thought I would share....
  2. Stuff like that happens everyday. I get agro in the car but i dont do stupid sh*t, if someone else does then im fuming.

    Thats life, it aint gonna change, just be prepared cause it will happen at one stage.
  3. sounds like a typical Holden ute driver to me - you see idiots like this all the time, usually P platers in their black V8 VX/VY ute.
  4. Welcome to two wheeled commuting.
    This type of stuff happens all the time.
    Get used to it. Don't get sucked in by it.
    Your "awareness" radar will improve over time.
  5. very wise words.
    i've said it before, but i'll repeat it.
    professional drivers, and good operators dont road rage.
  6. yeah it is a fact of life and well being a rider it has made me a better driver, being more aware of my surroundings and riders around me.

    even tho i have been riding for a few months now its still hard to get used to those crazy drivers who have regard for other road users.
  7. It will always happen, and probably get worse.
  8. welcome, as everyone else has said. happens all day everyday. you just get better at riding by avoiding these peckerheads.. and yes i think most ute drivers are complete d!ckheads.
  9. Wise words to ride by ..
  10. Springvale road, there is a reason why I try not to ride on it. And you know what, that would be one of them.
  11. exactly what i told the young fella at work when he started getting agro when i was driving and i was being cut off and stuff.
    no point its not like it affects your arrival time in the long run
  12. its the kind of philosophy that you could apply to any situation in life.
    say you were a soldier in combat for example.who would you trust with your life?The officer ranting and raving and going off his nut or the calm and collected officer who is keeping his head together?
    nutters present a danger to us vulnerable riders.stay away from them.
  13. Im appreciating the comments all referring to staying calm and sensible. Good to have that logic re affirmed..

    One time I found myself in real danger (not by the incident iteself) but when I got very very angry and hot under the helmet at a taxi driver who gave a mirror full of high beams and horns on Collins Street a while ago. It went from 2 lanes to 1 (bloody trams!!) and i was in front but he floored it thinking that I would yield but I was already committed, so kept my line. I was so infuriated that I let him come up next to me and starting yelling at him, beeping and throwing my arms around (like... jeez, what did I think he was going to hear or even understand me with the window up?) anyway, I thought this was all happening in a split second, but I got so cut and distracted, it was only when i looked up I realised I was 150 metres down the road with no conscience memory of how i got there.. so so stupid.. I scared myself in that moment of realisation but learnt the best lesson ever.. Stay calm and avoic the danger and the pending emotion that may follow. Vent on netrider or to your mates etc, but not at the time...

    thanks for sharing tjongdy