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watt should i do. watt am i looking for...(newbie)

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by furbypimp, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. hi im new to here.
    im 21 live in adelaide and i getting a scooter (only proberlem is)
    i want something cheap lol...well around $3000 and in a
    50 cc only thing is i want it to look sporty. after looking
    everyone has different opinions about which is the best.
    here is watt i want to use it for.

    -up and back from work 20K round trip most.(all year round)
    -also i want something where i can mod to get it to keep up with traffic abit better.

    but i dont want to spend more than $3000 on the scooter.
    and then i will spend money need on exhaust and other mods.
    i would like somethng that can sit happily on 80k lol even 70k with traffic ?
    watt am i looking at in the way of a scooter and with out adding a bigger kit to get enough power to sit with traffic.
    what is everyones suggestions.
    my friend spent 5g's on his he got a beaggi or somethng and modded that that sits on 100 top speed.
    i would like something like that but not pay the price.
    pls post back thanks
  2. WHAT not watt.

    Have you looked at a Honda Today scooter, they are around the $2,000 new. No idea how they perform though :)

  3. Got a friend who spent about $1K on a second hand Yamaha MAX?? schooter and than another $2K fixing it and moding it... he would take on big bore bikes at the lights and blast them!! right up to 100km/h The thing wasa a wheely machine too... pity he melted the piston...
  4. scooters i was looking at was
    the vmoto monza.
    bolwel red devil
    (maybe the bolwel shark)
    ummms i like the peugeot blaster only if i could find a good scond hand one..
    basically tho i want a new scooter.
    in adelaide where will i be looking for exhausts and mods for these types of scooters?
    thanks for all your help guys.
    im new to the world of two wheel transport..lol
    but i want to get rid of my lanos.
  5. Good move ditching the Lanos :LOL:
  6. I thought this was going to be about an electric bike or something. Bugger.

  7. lol..the lanos is a good car lol...
    iwanna save and get a new car tho.
    so which scooter should i go with for around $3000?
    which one has the most potential?
  8. i got a monza. it wont hit 70 unless down a hill. but i live on flat ground so it dont stress me ;)

    they are cheapish. then mod the exhaust and carbi trans weights and u woudl prob still be under your 3k range.

    but look around.. read the threads. theres plenty of advice on here :D
  9. on the monza have you done your exhaust?
    or any mods?
    i saw them at the car expo they look nice just wanna know if there
    atlot of feedback on this subject and still interested for everyones comments?
  10. rode the honda today , its slow
  11. i didnt like the look of the honda's
    hmmms the bolwell jolie
    could be the scooter for me.. aslong as i can
    do it up lol...i got a day off today i might
    go down and have a look around at scooters.
  12. My wife rode a Honda Today a couple of weeks ago. Had to ring it's kneck to get it above 50km.
    Probably o.k for goin to the shop etc but not much fun on the highway!
  13. just went down to scoots in town..
    had a look around and spoke to the guy..
    i fit comfortably on a blaster. its a nice looking scooter
    from the looks and looks alot like a insect.lol..:D
    i'm heading in that direction.
    any people had experiance on them?
    he said one of the fastest 50cc scoots around for
    its price range.
    $4299 on the road that a good deal?
    :LOL: more i look at a scooter the more
    i want one...
  14. should try looking at the yamaha Areox 50cc 2 stroke. Gets up to general traffic pace not a problem. My lil bro bought one becuase he was too young to ride a proper bike.

    The thing isnt too bad - has brembro brakes :]
  15. should try looking at the yamaha Areox 50cc 2 stroke. Gets up to general traffic pace not a problem. My lil bro bought one becuase he was too young to ride a proper bike.

    The thing isnt too bad - has brembro brakes :]
  16. why spend 3k on a scoot and then 1k trying to get a few more km/h out of it when you could just spend 4k on a very nice 250cc bike (plus $200 for your learners permit.)

    the two reasons you seem to have highlighted are that you want something new (ok you couldn't get new if you wanted a bike) and you don't want to much power, but i'm yet to meet someone who believes their 250 has to much power and scares them.

    i had a 50cc scoot and was planning on modding it but i came to the conclusion that it's not worth the trouble.

    $4000 on a 250cc bike would get you something in very good nick from the late 90s and you won't be battling to go up hills or keep up with traffic.

    anyway scoots are still fun and it may be the best option for you, but i think a bike is worth considering :)
  17. a 250cc bike dont intrest me..
    i was offered a 500cc 89 honda for $600 but i dont want a bike..
    i want a scooter for something fun and cheap..also if i get one
    my gf said she will use it when i take the car.
    the aerox is nice i gonna go look at one next monday
    see if its any bigger than the peugeot blaster.
    i uped the price range i wont go more than $5g'z
    thanks for your advice on bikes tho but they just
    not my thing.
  18. Hi furbypimp

    Check out Show And Go at Somerton Park http://www.showandgo.com.au and look at the secondhand scooters link. They sell the slightly used Melbourne F1 GP track bikes at good prices. I bought one of the Bolwel/PGO Gypsy's a year and a bit ago and it's great. I suspect it's been derestricted bacause it hauls my 130Kg frame around at up to 75k's easily.
  19. thanks for the advice.
    when i in the area im gonna go down and have a look
    at show and go. i have checked out there website they got some nice stuff on there.
  20. Go and do the Rider Safe course. That way, you'll learn how to ride your scoot properly and you won't be restricted to 50cc.

    If you're doing a 20km round trip every day, a 100+cc scoot makes more sense. These start from around $3,200 for a Vmoto Monaco 125.

    Or, you could always look at an older scoot. For less than $3k you could find anything from a 2-3 year old Peugeot Speedfight II 100cc right through to an older (unrestored) Vespa.

    Either way, even if you decide that 50cc IS adequate for your needs, at least do the Rider Safe course ... it's the best 8 hours and $100-odd you'll ever spend.