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Wats the cost of dropping a cruiser?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mickeym, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Ok i know droping a fairing bike costs alot, and droping a naked bike isn't nearly as bad.

    What would be the damage/costs of droping a crusier at low speeds?
  2. Chrome damage. You can't repaint chrome, and most deep scratches on chrome don't buff out either. Getting things rechromed usually isn't very cheap.
  3. I dropped my SRX a week back (side stand wasn't down properly and when i went to get on it collapsed). Broke an indicator lens, and bent the clutch and gear levers. gear lever could be bent back, but a new clutch lever was needed. Nothing scratched as far as i can tell.

    Quite a bummer really, but could've been a lot worse - $19 in parts, and i couldn't ride it for a day, so i can't really complain.

    Dropping it while it's moving would no doubt do more damage...

  4. that all depends on the cruiser

    a 1980 Yamaha SR 250 about $15 and the sound of applause.

    a HD of any kind, a hell of alot more, but you still get the applause!
  5. does an SRX 600 even qualify as a cruiser ? im sure he was talking about something heavier than your granny and a hell of a lot louder :LOL:
  6. Well, no, it's not even close to a cruiser. Thought it might be useful to get an idea of the sort of damage you can expect though.

  7. Dropped mine a few times, no-one clapped :LOL:
  8. hehe looking at a M50, 240kgs. (Or a Hyosung GV650, but bit scared off by the name and resale)

    Honestly i can't see myself droping it, but as a first bike its info i needa know and something i needa keep in the back of my mind.
  9. It depends on what surface and speed naturally.

    Paddock bashing on an old CBR - just got real dirty!
  10. Kawasaki's spare parts prices are not pretty. Dad did over $4600 worth of damage to my naked bike when he dropped it at <60km.
  11. now firebreather i gotta ask where u pulled that from? Just felt lonly and wanted to join in or have u droped an M50 before? :p

    Ok so the main point here is just don't drop the thing, lol. Is it comman to drop a crusier? As when i sit on it even thogh it weights over 240kgs i don't feel like i would really drop it very easily, not like on sports bikes :oops:
  12. OT:
    Google for any replies to the question : "how long's a piece of string?"
    All the answers are there.