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Waterproofing advice please ...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by NZebra, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Am looking to use a spray on type for my Joe Rocket jeans. Have done a search on other threads relating to this topic but cannot locate what I require.

    Sooooo, all you good NR guys & gals who've used any type of spray on waterproofing product I'd be pleased with your advice. I don't do a high number of km and obviously try and avoid riding in the rain but ... one day I'm gonna get caught!

    Where you've managed to purchase the product would also be helpful. Tried my local camping/disposal store but he only had some stuff for tents and the like at $75 for a litre.

    Thanks in advance..... :grin:

  2. carry a pair of throw over wets under the seat :wink:
  3. Sno-seal, available in the NR shop. Cheap and bloody effective. It's not the lazy arse spray, but they are shit anyway and need re-app alot sooner.
  4. Sno-seal onn denim? I thought it was just for leather.

    +1 for a pair of overpants. Especially if it is for the odd chance of being caught out in the rain
  5. To make dragging waterproof there is a very simple way.

    Use the cotton-proof Nikwax and that is it. To keep them waterproofed wash them only with the nikwax techwash and reapply cotton-proof after 5 or 6 washes.

    Works for me.

  6. Doh sorry mate, just thought leather as I saw it.

    ignore it and moooove along please.
  7. this i will be trying myself...usually dont care about rain but could be handy.. how you find the breathing after this will ?
  8. Tks Munecito your help appreciated. Will prob. also do the o/pants under the seat as well as per Stewy's suggestion - I think there is enough space to scrunch some into the cavity.

    TKU boys & girls for your comments.


    To give one back ... Have been caught in the odd shower and I have applied Rainex to my visor. Works a treat, the wet stuff streams away and you don't have to wipe with your glove which smears the visor and your vision. :wink:
  9. Hey guys.

    The pants breath nicely after the treatment. I love the results so I now have a dedicated pair of draggins and one of my textile jackets for when it looks as if it is going to rain.

    If it is already raining I just chuck my overpants on, but if it hasn't started I just put my cargo rain-treated draggings and they do all right for up to 30 minutes in moderate to heavy rain.

  10. thanks.. im going to give it a try..