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Waterproof vs Vented boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by umirin, May 29, 2011.

  1. Looking at picking up some A* SMX-5 boots but not sure which version would be best suited to me? I don't plan on riding in wet weather but you never know when you might get caught out.. Obviously if the road is a bit wet waterproof boots are best suited.

    Will the waterproof version get too hot in summer?

    Or will the vented version get too cold in winter?

    I plan on daily commuting to and from work, and some weekend riding.

    What would be better suited for me and why?

    Thanks for any help
  2. I'd suggest waterproof. I've got waterproof Sidis and never had a problem with my feet over heating. On the other hand I've ridden for hours in heavy rain, feet stayed dry and I've been able to wear the boots again the next day.
  3. Would a non vented version get too smelly? I'd be taking my boots off at work to change into more formal shoes and wouldn't want to stink out a room..
  4. they do get smelly, but you just air them overnight, and there are products on the market for smelly boots ;)
  5. So the general consensus is to go waterproof? They don't get too hot in summer?
  6. yes they get freakin hot in summer
  7. have never owned or worn the specific boots you mention in OP, so dunno.
    the waterproof variant states the vents are permanently open so as air can flow through, but they have a gortex membrane. therefore you should still get airflow in summer.
    but, waterproof dose not generally mean waterproof when ridden in the rain.
    i would be surprised if they really are.
    i personally prefer to wear boots with venting, except for maybe june & july. some boots have vents that can be opened and closed.
    hopefully someone here who owns those boots can give you a better answer, they look like great boots and pricing on them o/s currently is a bargain.
  8. Fingers crossed someone on here has a pair and can chime in.. There are a lot of very good reviews about them on the net. I'm just not sure which variant is best for me..
  9. Just bought a pair of A* ridge waterproof for the daily commute. Had them for 2 weeks, so far so good, comfy enough to get around if I need to go for a wander. The boots feel good, and keep out the wind, but not 'hot'.

    Commuting and wet weather riding are an inevitable match, that is why I picked up these. Price was right, lets face it, wearing them every day, they are going to get hammered.

  10. I bought waterproof shoes last month along with my bike and wear them almost everyday (as I commute to work). Been caught in rain a few times and am glad that I got them.

    I keep formal work shoes at work and take a fresh pair of socks with me everyday. With the riding shoes I wear Holeproof Woolens and simply take them off when I change. In this way, the riding socks are worn 45 minutes in the morning and 45 in the evening so they dont smell and I just change them every few days.

    As for the shoes, I got Icon Accelerant Boots. Not from this site tho.

    Will get a summer (perforated) boots when summer comes. Till then these rock.
  11. I have had a pair of the SMX4 (model before the SMX5) vented and I can tell you now to get waterproof. Have had them for almost 2 years and there is nothing worse then getting stuck in a downpour and your boots turning into puddles. You're feet turn real soft and after having them on the pegs for ages soaked in water will really be sore for a while after getting off. Then the boots take a good few days to air dry.
  12. Surely its more down to how much your feet are exposed to the rain in the first place? ie if your bike has sufficiently protective fairings or not.

    I have a pair of SMX4 boots as well, but I dont get wet. I couldnt imagine wearing anything hotter in summer.
  13. You have the waterproof or vented version?

    So far it looks like I'll go with waterproof even though I will be avoiding rain. I have my car to use when it rains..
  14. you mean on the bike or walking around or both?
  15. 8hr ride on Sunday starting with 2hrs of drizzle and ending in another 2hrs of heavier rain coming back to Sydney at expressway speeds wearing Gortex Alpine Stars with dry warm feet,or smelly feet maybe in summer.Gee thats a tough one,I dont choose to ride in the rain but it happens and its horrible to have wet cold feet
  16. I have the vented ones, and getting wet hasnt been a problem, but like I said it could be bike dependant. The feet are still hot in summer on the bike, but then again there is an exhaust pipe right next to each foot...
  17. Get a pair of boots with the Gore-Tex membrane. Best of both worlds, water-proof AND breathable. They will cost you a fair bit though.
  18. If you are going to get a water proof boot get one with a Gore-tex linning.
    If you get something else you will be disapointed a short lime later when the boot will no longer be water proof.
    As far as vented boots go, I've got a pair of Sidi, perforated leather, with a closeable vent as well.
    Pretty much use these all year round, although not when its wet, thats when the Sidi Gore-tex get used.
  19. Hi Folks,

    I've got the standard S-MX-5' - vented, not waterproof.
    I ride an unfaired GS-500 (still on LAMS restrictions) rain, hail or otherwise.

    Comfort: Really good. I can happily wear them all day. Obviously, everyone is different here, and one mans comfort can be anothers own personal hell. For me, they work.

    Summer: As good as expected. They are leather boots regardless of venting, so I expect them to be hot. I'm not damning them with faint praise, I'm just being realistic that over summer wearing any boots will be hot. Summer = hot.

    Winter: I would describe them as brief shower proof, but thats about it. If you are out in a decent rain for a while, you will get wet feet. I did a couple of 3 hour runs to and from gippsland over the weekend and even with two pairs of wool socks my feet got pretty cold. I'm going to experiment with some tape over the vents, or some sort of plastic bag liner, and see if that helps as most of the water and cold air seemed to come through the vents (as expected).

    I also do the commute to work. This mornings 20 minute run in via the freeway, dry, but sub 8 degrees at 80kmph with a wool blend sock did result in cold feet, but nothing I couldn't cope with.

    So, while I'm very happy with the boots, next winter I'll also pick up a pair of the waterproof ones. Until them, its nothing I cant cope with and I'll see what I can do to improve things a little. Certainly wouldnt stop me riding. I'll certainly be looking for a waterproof version of what I already have.



  20. Awesome, thanks mate.

    I guess you'd recommend the waterproof version over the vented version then?