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Waterproof under sleeve of jacket glove?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by markcpotter, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I was in the process of looking online at the alpinestars tech road glove ( I am looking for a glove where the gauntlet part is close fitting so it can be worn under the sleeve of your jacket to stop the water just running down your sleeve into the glove which happens in really heavy rain).

    I think the tech road might have a bit too much insulation than I was looking for.

    Anybody know of a glove than is more of a spring / autumn weight with a gauntlet small enough (and easy enough to fasten with one glove already on) that might do the trick?

  2. probably goes without saying that I am looking for it to be a waterproof (preferably goretex) glove also!
  3. Never tried a glove or boot that is fully waterproof. God it would be hot and sweaty of it was.
    I keep a pair of long large washing up gloves under the seat in two shopping bags with some rubber bands. Bags are for the boots and the gloves go over my riding gloves. Nice dry and warm.
  4. Try a pair of A* "Effex" boots - nothing worse than turning up at work with wet feet but these really do keep the water out.
    As for gloves, I've given up too - they either leak like sieves or (as the OP says) are impossible to manipulate with an already-gloved other hand...
    For mine I keep a box of "surgical" gloves at home (from the supermarket...), and slip a pair on under my riding gloves if it's wet.
    And the added bonus is it makes a game of "Doctor's and Nurses" so much more realistic ;)
  5. I have a pair of Black Ice gloves, not quite sure of the maker (too lazy to go out to the garage and look) and they are quite warm in winter, reasonably waterproof, at least in my experience, and fit under the cuff of my MotoDry winter jacket.....
  6. I have a pair of overgloves (from NZ I think- $30) They are water proof, and yes, they go over your MC gloves. Water proof and wind proof!
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  8. and 70 bucks is a bit steep Andy