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Waterproof spray for riding gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ajrider, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Just wondering if anyone here uses waterproof spray on their riding gear (Scotch guard / 303 Fabric Guard / Neverwet / etc)?

    I'm thinking of it for a two tiered purpose:

    One for waterproofing dragin jeans.

    The other for an old riding jacket. (With neverwet it seems as though it might be good not only for additional waterproofing, but also stopping those pesky bugs from sticking)?
  2. I emptied a can of that stuff over a backpack before a multi day ride once. Made f-all difference, we got pissed on and the contents of the backpack got wet.
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  3. Most of them aren't much good for waterproofing something that wasn't that way already.
    They are too thin and will only coat the outer fibres. That means it may fill a gap in something waterproof, but can't make something waterproof.

    We, Australian Canvas, have a wax solution that can be used to restore canvas and other waterproofed cloths, but I've never tried it on something that wasn't proofed.
    It's a wax based solution that you spray on. You spray it on warm so that it gets absorbed into the fibres.
    Any washing though would dissolve the proofing so they'd only be much good until you washed them.
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  4. Thansk jmcjmc, and Stever42Stever42 for your replies...

    Sounds as though I can forget about it being any good for dragin jeans - but might do the job if I've got an older riding jacket that's beginning to leak a little.
  5. For the draggins, buy a pair of cheapie waterproof pants to wear over the top. I wear Vector, but they're a little exxier - althought they'd last longer than cheapies. Could probably get something at a hardware store that might do.
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  6. A lot of waterproof textile gear has a membrane coating on the inner face of the outer layer that should fully block water
    Over time, this coating will eventually break down and flake off. I've watched this happen to my hiking tent floor. On a motorcycle jacket it usually happens between the outer layer and inner lining so you don't see the degradation happening. When it happens, it's time to replace - nothing will stop it leaking once it starts.
    (The very best waterproof gear has a completely separate layer of waterproof/breathable fabric that lasts a lot longer).
    I've taken to carrying cheapo rain gear and just throw away when it gives up.
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  7. +1 to what greydog said, I bought a pair of waterproofs from a bike shop for over the top of my Draggins. Had them for ages and used them for the first time on Monday and they did the trick.
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  8. What great timing. It was rather wet this morning here and I discovered, roughly halfway to work, that my water proof over pants and jacket are in fact no longer water proof. They were both cheapies. The pants are MotoDry and lasted a good couple of years (the seam in the crotch is leaking - that's where most of them go). The jacket is actually the waterproof liner of an old jacket I had.....
  9. I bought a cheap eBay pair of textile pants which kept me dry during last winter and wet summer days. They're falling apart but were so great especially in the cold that I'll be getting a good quality pair soon.

    I'm of the opinion that if you're wearing water proof stuff over the top of your draggins, you may as well just get a pair of water proof textile pants. Or....get those oilskin draggins that are meant to be water resistant.
  10. I've used Nikwax to retreat an old Dririder jacket. Seemed to do the job okay, but don't think it would help much on a garment that wasn't water resistant to begin with..