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Waterproof Phone??

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by grange, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Must be one of the faulty ones....


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  2. hahahahaha!!! epic fail!!! :rofl:
  3. Only says it floats on water.
    Maybe the tank's full of vodka.
  4. fail wail
  5. At first, I near pissed myself laughing at the pic !
    Then I read what jd posted - I think jd is onto something (y)
  6. Dare you to drink the liquid in the Dick Smith fishtanks and find out.
  7. What's the prize ? :D
    Though this is turning into 'Fear Factor' mate !
    I'd hate to know what else may have resided in that tank...and it is located at Dick Smith as well....
  8. "Dick tanks" are where they incubate the next generation of sales staff on a diet of vodka and self-importance. Or at least that would explain the ones I've had to deal with at my local store....

    As for a prize I reckon tasting it would deserve at least one of those pink techxpert eggs at the bottom.
  9. LOL
    As tempting as it may sound, I might have to pass. Can't have one of those 'alcohol' saturated eggs put me over during the ride home (y)
  10. ... That particular one was practicing it's diving skills!!....8-[
  11. ...tried 'holding its breath'....but failed !
  12. That phone is so bad ass, its actually bench pressing the water.