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Waterproof pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by sbb, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Howdy,

    having crotch hassles with waterproof pants.

    bought cheap plastic ones for my first waterproofs, but after about 3 rides the seam went in the crotch, meaning not a good look when taking them off, plus useless on the rare long wet weather ride.

    Then recently found nice bright high quality ones in a camping/safety gear store cuz wanted something other than black to brighten me up on dark rainy days and all you can get in bike shops is black. They seemed the goods and paid extra cash for them. Used them about 6 times. Crotch has gone in them this morning. sigh

    So any recommendations for stuff that is actually going to last? That isn't dark coloured? Doesn't cost a fortune?

    Used to having great outdoors and cycling gear that keeps me dry but struggling to find anything that comes close for the motorbike, even have to use windstopper layers under the dryrider to keep me half dry up top (understand it is harder at 100km/h, but should be half decent stuff out there that doesn't cost as much as the bike)

    cool bananas

  2. if the crotch keeps going you are buying a size too small -- does it go when your swing a leg over the seat ?
  3. ahh, will remember that.

    but they have been the largest size for length (still not long enough) and I am, well, skinny (prefer slim athletic). So don't think it is the problem in this case :)

    most annoying thing is that the shop i got the latest ones from is out of the way and cant get there to take the buggers back :)
  4. About 3 years ago I picked up a pair of waterproof plastic 'overalls' from Rays Outdoors (clearance centre in North Geelong) for $15. They're not the most attractive but they work.

    I was riding home from work in that massive downpour we had in Melbourne recently and by the time I got home my gloves had been penetrated by the rain, but everything under my plastic pants was bone dry!!

    They're a Large size, but comfortably go over the top anything I've ever worn on the bike and have never shown any signs of pressure on the crotch seams.
  5. I've been using cheap yellow plastic strides for 20 years, and found them generally excellent. The best pair I ever had cost me 50p in, ironically enough, a flood damage sale.

    However, not all cheap yellow plastic strides are the same. A pair I bought a couple of weeks ago which were made of a sort of plasticised fabric with reflective knee stripes went at the crotch on the first wearing and developed holes everywhere on the second. Plus the waist was far too low and tended to settle somewhere around my mid thigh. Complete rubbish.

    Bought a (slightly more expensive) replacement pair of plain PVC ones like I usually do and they're fine and holding up properly. They do have a fly and a hole so you can reach into a pocket but it's nothing that a strip of duct tape applied to the inside won't cure.
  6. You are obviously too big in the man-bits :)

    this can be fixed - (no, not Bobbit style) by using some thin plastic tape along the inside of the seams.
  7. another tip is to hitch up your pants when swing a leg over the bike

    when I started making my range of kevlar jeans I considered this aspect very seriously - many fashion jeans have the gusset ( crotch area between legs ) hanging very low - this means for a bike rider that it restricts the ability to get leg over the bike

    ever had a pair of pants that the zipper looked like you were pitching a tent ?

    this is because the zipper is too long for the rise of the pants - the rise being the distance at the front between the gusset area and top of waist band - if you have a rise that is short and the zipper longer -- well the zipper material has to go somewhere right - so it sticks out like you have a erection all day long

    keep these tips in mind when buying pants that fit properly
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  9. Do yourself a favor and get some heavy duty gaffer tape and stick the bastard all around that seam area. Works for me.
  10. I bought a pair of these: http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=4238. They're overpants, so the Draggins are underneath. Used many times in Sydney's inclement weather of late (including todays shite weather) & not been wet at all. Even when it's not been raining, use them as a windbreak (along with rain jacket over leather jacket) as I usually finish work in the wee hours of the a.m. & it is pretty fresh at that time. Great investment.
  11. +1 Lautray
    I have a pair of these Rjays pants aswell, they do a great job.
  12. After my first pair of plastic pants from Rays Outdoors died (crotch also) I got a pair of Huski pants which have performed great. Fluoro yellow and navy with 3M scotchlite reflectors on the legs, fully seam sealed, 10,000mm waterproof, about $30 from a discount store outside Melbourne. I got 2 sizes bigger and pull them right up to avoid destroying the crotch again which also gives me the freedom to stick my knee out when cornering. If they'll let you, try them on while sitting on the bike.

    Brickie 918051 - High visibility waterproof safety workwear pants
  13. I've had 2 pairs of those, each has lasted less than 5000kms.

    They are better than some other options but nowhere near as long lasting as the heavier cordura types.

    At best they are good for sitting under the seat for emergencies, not for everyday use.
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  15. I have a pair of MotoDry overpants (and a MotoDry overjacket). Both are black, but MotoDry may have hi viz products.

    Whatever, they work well. Last time I tested their integrity was in a downpour that last from Beechworth through to Melbourne outer fringes down to Gippsland.

    But, I also have an ancient pair of DriRider pants (not overpants). They too work well and keep my lower extremities warm. Undoubtedly the newer products should be better again.
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  17. But are the Aldi waterproofs any good. Anyone tried them?
  18. The problem with overpants is that unless you put them on when you SUSPECT it might rain, you'll get caught out.

    I've got a pair of DriRider Summit Pro jacket and pants, and find them to be mostly waterproof. After spending an hour or so in pretty hard rain, I did have a damp patch on my right chest, but considering how wet I was on the outside I was impressed none the less. Any breathable material will let dampness through eventually, but at least you don't have to pull over on the freeway in the rain :p

  19. I have Dri Riders top of the range jacket and pants which I have hardly worn, I'd say maybe 30 times since new...and to put it politely they suck, while they may keep you warm they the one thing they don't do is keep you dry...anything more than a brief shower means you end up looking like you dribbled down your shirt and pissed yourself. In contrast my old Motodry jacket which I commuted in for 2 years and which was a third of the price is warm and you wouldn't believe it but it keeps me dry too.