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Waterproof pants for tall people?? (update)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cossie, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Im a little over 6' tall but am skinny to go with it (32 waist normally) and am having real difficulties finding waterproof pants long enough.

    I bought a pair of dririders over the weekend and whilst they rode up when sat on a bike in store didnt seem to come over the top of my boots but having got them home and sat on my own bike they are useless - and even if i try tucking them inside my boots they do the same, so Im gonna have to return them.
    I measured them against my draggin cargos and they are at least 2" shorter in the leg :shock:

    where can I get a longer pair from, preferably without going custom as the very most I wanna spend is $300?
  2. Im tall and skinny too which unfortunatly everything will be baggy to be long enough :(

    Without going custom all you can do is be loose fit.
    Ok in winter though, throw some trackies underneath and your nice and warm with a good fit :grin:
  3. Just wrap this around your legs. :wink: :grin:
  4. I'm 6' tall with a 29 waist....my problem is that my legs are VERY long (next pair of Draggins' will have 6 inches added to the normal cut). I have a pair of DriRiders which are size XXL which are almost long enough....OK for short trips, but a PIA for longer trips when they always come up over the top of my boots.

    My next pair will probably be a pair of Tiger Angel custom pants.

    Our choices are limited, unfortunately :?
  5. I'm about your size (i met you at Eswen's) and i wear Motodry Duo pants. I find them really good in the rain and they don't ride up too far. They sit about the same as my draggins. They are however alittle michelin man like if you plan on walking around in them or riding in summer. They are only like this for the reason that jmuzz described. Generally the longer sizes are accompanied with a bigger girth aswell, therefore, us individuals on the left of the bell curve suffer from michelinitis (baggy clothes).

  6. I'd love a hot chick wrapped around my legs but I'm afraid it may get cumbersome on the bike? :grin:

    I did try the next size up (L) but they were very baggy and according to the dririder website they would only give me 1" extra in the leg which wouldnt be enough, I'd need to go to a 3XL to get a decent leg length I think :?
  7. It just takes practice. After a few Km's she'll get her balance and you'd be amazed how much protection she gives you from the elements. I should note, she will tend to get fairly wet, but I've never considered that a bad thing. :wink: :LOL:
  8. Go to a boating / yachting outlet...ask for Burke rain pants, the ones that loop over shoulders and come halfway up chest. They are blue in color.
    $40 a pair, good for a couple of years wear and tear.
    Buy one size bigger than you would normally wear in pants, they are very long in the legs.
    We've used them for years, they fold up to almost nothing.
  9. I find it incredible that motorcycle clothing manufacturers dont make pants longer in the leg - isnt it obvious that when you sit on a bike they will ride up and become too short? Im just gonna give up and get a pair of cheap waterproofs from aussie disposals or somwhere to throw over my draggins :(
  10. Its even worse when you have to wear them over leathers. The added knee length when your leg is bent takes another few inches off.

    I had a pair that were $20 from a disposal store, had to get XXL and they were still short, but good enough for their job of keeping me dry when caught in the rain. They dont have to be tight around the waist anyway.

    Unfortunatly some bastard here nicked them thinking they were their snowboard pants, then threw them away when they realised they werent :evil:
  11. Ah Cossie...I posted above the perfect alternative to bike rain pants mate.

    The Burke rain pants work 100% and are very long in the leg.
    They have a velcro closure at the bottom.

    You can probably order them online from an Aussie yacht / boat shop.

    If you take large pants normally, just ask for the next size up.

    Lin, Terri, Piotr and I all wear them in Sydney and never had a problem.

    Piotr is over 6 foot tall and has very long legs, we bought him XL as I recall. :cool:
  12. sounds like I need to a trip to a boat dhop - anyone know of any in Melbourne that sell this sort of gear?
  13. yeah mate, go the "boating" style plastic over pants, then just wear your dragging (or whatever) underneath. $30-40 is all they cost. I'm 6'4 and this is what i do.
  14. I am 6'3" and have a 32 inch waist. I just purchased a set of dri-rider Nordic 4's in medium and they fit fine, a bit baggy but they are alright if I wear them over my draggins
  15. I am about 6' with a 29" waist and longish legs (read add 3" inches to standard Draggin Jeans") and I bought a pair of Alpine Star RP-3 overpants from everyone's favourite store, Peter Stevens. I insisted that I try them on and sit on a bike, so I found the closest thing to mine (secondhand on the floor) and sat on it and the pants were fine. They feature a zip section at the bottom of the leg and velcro on the cuff. The fold up to a very small size in their own little bag and I bought a Medium. Cost $89.00 but I was prepared to pay that as they fit better than anything I have had. I did a search on the Alpine Star webiste and they seem to have been replaced with RP-5 which I have to admit are very colourful, mine are plain black with the logo.
  16. Hey, you sound hot! lol :grin:

    I went in to peter stevens in dandenong tonight but they dont do them, and the (unhelpful) dude behind the counter said the store in the city dont do them either.
    Which PS did you get them from?
    and I couldnt find them on the slpinestars website either :?
  17. Cossie, you are too old for me! :LOL: Seriously though I got them from Peter Stevens in Elizabeth Street, but it was last year. The Alpine Star website lists the RP-5 which are as I said rather colourful. I did manage to locate them on other international websites but I think you should really try on a pair first.
  18. wow tall skinny people too! i think i have longer legs proportionately though. even my draggins cargoes are a bit short on the bike, i tried em on in the shop and they were fine. i find that as you go for the bigger sizes, the crotch gets lower and they ride up and are just as bad as the correct sizes. :? :( but i might check out these boat pants people are talkin about. i've tried everything even disposal stores :shock:

  19. I'm not old - I'm experienced! :wink:

    Thats exactly what I found! and also riding an FZR250 my knees are pretty much up around my ears anyway which makes it worse!

    Thing is I'd rather go for bike pants so in summer I can wear them on their own and in winter over a normal pair of work trousers. I'll have to keep an eye out for the Alpinestars ones - they may fit better.