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Waterproof overgloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dbrain, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Hiii!

    I got stuck in the rain yesterday and have realised maybe leather gloves as an only pair was a baaadd choice. Last time they got soggy it took a good 2 days to mostly dry, and then I was blowing a cold hair dryer through them to dry the rest.

    Has anyone had any experience with "overgloves"? i.e. waterproof things to slip over your normal gloves to prevent them getting wet, with some kind of grip on the important bits.
    Any recommendations / brands? I was hoping for something cheap enough, otherwise I may as well cough up and buy a proper wet weather pair (which I'm sure there's 1000 threads about).

  2. dbraindbrain i have some suggestions for you. Personally I haven't worn them myself (i just grin n bare it when it comes to gloves in the rain) however I'm a certified Google Search Pro :sneaky:

    Here is a local store (Frankston)



    Here is a Dianese overglove from RevZilla

    Dianese Rain Overglove

    Personally, I would rather go for a specific Waterproof / Winter glove rather than an overglove but that's just me.

    Hope this helps you in your search

  3. Thanks! I also hit those search results (I'm a dev for work, my whole job is googling one problem to the next), was just wondering if anyone had personal experience.
    I thought those 2 were a little overpriced ($70-100), was hoping someone had a cheaper suggestion that works.

    Maybe I could get monster sized dish gloves with grip and straps ;)
  4. You know you want some.... :p And they're HI VIZ!! hehe

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  5. I don't have a problem getting wet hands and my gloves are made of roo leather so don't go hard and crusty like cowhide can.

    Having said that, I'm not riding in the rain in the cooler climate of Vic like you, so I would imagine wet hands also equals extremely cold hands?
    Over gloves look fiddly IMO. Might be better to buy a cheaper set of all weather gloves to carry with you and wear them when it rains.

    I did this when I lived in Sydney 15 years ago. Managed to find a set of waterproof textile gloves in a bargain bin at one of the bike shops in Parramatta for under $20 and they served me well. I still preferred to wear the leather ones though, so the textile gloves only got a run in extreme conditions.
  6. hi dbrain take jaytee's advice dish gloves just wear them as inners or get some of those latex ones cheap and easy fix.
  7. I'm not sure I can wear anything without LIFE SAVING reflective strips.

    Thanks, I'll probably end up doing this. Just thought it'd be cheaper, and protect my hands more than wet weather gloves.
  8. dbraindbrain hit up Peter Stevens or AMX, I'm sure you could pick up a cheap set of waterproof / winter gloves from them. Sure they wont be HELD or anything like that but they'll do in a pinch.

    I have overgear for my jacket and pants (dririder) but i don't have anything for gloves.. My boots thus far have been water-resistant in a downpour.. not sure how they'd fare over a lengthy ride in the rain though.. this will need to be tested at some stage.

  9. Thanks, that was my next point of call. Just liked the idea of still having the leather glove protection without the leather glove swimming / breaking the bank.

    I went a bit ADHD when I bought gear. I have a textile jacket, leather gloves, kevlar cargos, leather boots. Recently grabbed overgear for pants, but got a size too small (didn't test in squatting position).. but that was enough to stop pants getting super wet and dripping into boots (which seem to be waterproof as long as nothing pours down from my legs).

    I probably should have gone full "all weather" for the initial gear and leathered up from there. Ah well, lesson learnt.
  10. Yeah likewise, i have spent more than i initially thought i would on gear.

    I have 3 jackets , 1 leather, 1 summer textile "air" jacket, 1 winter textile jacket. 3 sets of gloves (1 pair i bought and they are stiff so i don't use them). Alpine SMX-2 boots and Kevlar jeans.

    Still looking for a decent set of gloves though for winter / rain ..
  11. Adds up quick.. I have a not very supportive of motorcycles wife who "disappears" my pay pretty quick, which is making it difficult now that rain is starting to become a common thing.

    Let me know if you find anything decent. A friend has these for all seasons: http://shop.peterstevens.com.au/CAD181564463104/Scout-EVO-GoreTex-Gloves/pd.php and gave them a good review, but I'm not sure I can justify $239.
  12. I've been using DriRider Waterproof gloves for almost 4 years now (everyday during winter and for other rainy days) without any issues. They have served me well...
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  14. If you're thinking of trying these 'over gloves', make sure that you go on a small test ride first. Use of clutch, brake etc and the actual grip can vary in rainy conditions. Just be mindful of this. If it becomes slippery with water, it's a completely different scenario.

    Washing dishes or skiing is different to controlling the motorbike. :)
  15. most of us end up with "several" pairs of gloves. if you've got a few pairs, you can afford to take a few days to dry them. then wet gloves are only a problem if your hands get cold. if I go touring I have a spare pair in my bag and usually get by (with heated handgrips of course)

    AMX are good. they have five gloves at a good price at the moment.

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  16. One suggestion is to buy a box of nitrile gloves such as sold for mechanical work.
    Put them on first, then your gloves.
    Your hands stay dry, even when the gloves get wet.
    As a bonus, you can put on wet gloves too, an almost impossible thing with wet hands.
  17. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll probably just stop trying to be cheap and get a pair of waterproof gloves, hopefully without losing out on the protection side too much. I like my hands.
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  19. How does he go with grip when they're wet?