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Waterproof Luggage

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BitSar, May 13, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am a commuter rider.

    This week in Melbourne has been freaking cold and wet....My new(ish) Ventura bag really let me down on Thursday in the heavy rain...When I got home from the office and got my laptop out the neoprene laptop case was the only thing that had saved it from death.......

    Does anyone know of waterproof luggage? Not the hardcase style....something more along the lines of the Ventura range......I really don't want to have to use a storm cover etc....

  2. Cheaper alternative are heavy duty garbage bags lining inside the cases, also spray the ventura bags with some water repellent to at least make it difficult for water to get in.
  3. What's so bad about storm covers, they take five minutes to dry?
  4. + 1 on kreiga. Ihave a us20 and it's been through some VERY wet (not
    In a good way ) weather and contents are bone dry.
  5. +1 for the heavy weight garbage bags and decent waterproof spray. Nothing made of fiber stays waterproof for ever.
    The GB's scrunch up so small you can fit them anywhere. So they're always handy.
    I have chewed two arm and a head hole in them on long freezing rides home at night and they have kept me pretty warm under my jacket. You know those nights riding where it's so cold and wet your kidneys scream in pain.
  6. Kreiga stuff is awesome - I have US20 tail pack and R30 backpack. I little pricey but you get what you pay for - rugged, well thought out stuff and bone dry in the heaviest of storms (I rode from Sydney - PI for the GP last year and it was torrential the whole way).

    Will never buy another brand of luggage.

  7. Hey guys.....

    Thanks for the replies.....I'll check out the Kreiga gear.

    I suppose in the interim I'll just line the bag with something a spray it with a sealant.

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  8. Andy Strapz bags when used with the water proof inner liners are totally water proof.
  9. just buy a roll of garbage bags and keep it in the ventura bag.

    when it starts to rain, put a bag over the ventura. simple and cheap and it works.
  10. +1 for Andy Strapz, in particular what they call 'Stuff Sakz'. It's basically a simple sack made of tough vinyl. You attach it to your bike with bungee cords or preferably with their straps...
  11. Why w0n't y0u c0nsider hard 1uggage? - keyb0ard is ****ed :)
  12. I am a fairly new rider, with a new W800, and whilst I look around for some more permanent luggage options that fits with the style / design of my bike.

    I'm considering some of the Kreiga gear. I'm keen to have a solution for commuting (taking a heap of files / paper / A4 stuff etc), but moreso some luggage options to allow me to start doing some longer rides.

    I am looking to do a several day ride towards the end of June... and was wondering how much stuff I would fit in the US-30 tailback? Anyone that has the 30 or even the 20 like to comment on how much stuff you can fit in them? Without having some any longer rides still attempting to work out how much gear I will need to take anyway, but keen to source some luggage options that will turn my ideas into a reality.

  13. Hey guys.....

    Took your advice and went to Bunnings.....got a can of waterproof sealant and some heavy duty garbage bags.

    I emptied the aerosol on the ventura and lined the inner with the garbage bag......This looks fine for now...

    I'm due to upgrade the commute in the next couple of months....I think I will ditch the ventura rack and go for something like the Kreiga gear that was mentioned....looks very good indeed.