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Waterproof jeans - NEW

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Johnny O, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Hey Guy's, soon to be released from Thomas Cook are jeans made of a waterproof material. They are made by bonding a breathable material such as Goretex to the back of denim.

    Thomas Cook have wool lined jeans which I used last winter and loved them. These new water resistant jeans have 50% less wool as many people complained that the thicker wool made their legs & butt look too big. I really feel the wool lining would do much to cushion impacts, you can feel the added cushioning if you kneel on the ground.

    The material used in these new jeans is waterproof but the the pants are not as such due to the seam stitching but really, if you only ever intend on getting caught in a light shower, these will be perfect!

    These jeans are going to be perfect for winter, water resistant, additional cushioning over existing kevlar jeans and extra warmth from the wool lining. They are coming in mens & ladies and black & blue denim.

    Expected retail price is only $120pr, I know what I'll be wearing this winter. This is not an advert, just keeping my fellow NR's abreast of what's new on the market. I do happen to know where you'll be able to buy these in Melb though ;-)
  2. Are these riding jeans? Armoured?
    If not, what do you need waterproof jeans for?
  3. No armour, the armour that I wear under my jeans I bought from bunnings for $8.

    Coz they're better than the normal jeans that most people wear dipstick.
  4. In case you wet yourself.
  5. dipstick?

  6. what armour do you wear under your jeans, that costs $8? A piece of wood?
  7. They have dual density foam knee guards with velcro straps.
  8. That takes care of your knees ... what about your arse and thighs mate?
  9. What's your problem 'mate', if you're that concerned you could always wrap yourself in a mattress, or better still, give up riding.
  10. Yes I'm interested in my safety ... you are too judging by the fact that you bought knee pads, so what's the issue?

    You're very defensive about these magic waterproof jeans ... but sorry, they sound totally unsuitable for riding to me. Riding jeans need to have kevlar or similar lining, to safe your skin should the worse happen.
  11. Oh praise the lord, the kevlar is going to save my life
  12. ST - I used to be a safety nazi too, then I realised that people can do what they want. These jeans sound like a good idea to keep yourself warm and dry. If you really feel you need kevlar then buy the draggin leggings and put 'em under them!

    Reckon I'll be grabbing a pair of these when I'm back on the bike! Cheers for the heads up :)
  13. If you want waterproof, you can get dragin oil skins.
  14. I like the idea of being able to stay in comfortable pants all day that I wear on the bike getting to work. Sure it's not everyone's cup ot tea, I know from talking to my customers, many people will like the idea also.
  15. Johnny O, you're hilarious.
  16. #17 Johnny O, Apr 17, 2008
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    Who me? :oops:

    1. If you didnt know JO works in retail after being here 12mths, it
    shows you need to do more reading & less talking.

    What JO does is common knowledge amongst regulars.

    2. If its between you & JO, its you who has no credibility in this place.

    All you do is f*cken talk down about this place. Piss off instead of
    hanging around like a bad smell if NR is not to your liking.

    & whats that dipshit? :?


    No that this has anything to do with the price of fish :roll:

    Yes you asked a (stupid) Q after OP, & it was answered appropriately :roll:

    So as OP said, whats ya f*cken problem?

    I mean honestly, who gives a flying shit its not appropriate for you?
    Many of us do ride in jeans so for us, it'd be perfect.


    You just don't get it don't ya?

    I'm not the only one thats said it (& I quoted from another thread for

    The difference b/w me & everyone else is that I'll say it as it is. I don't
    mince words.

    & as long as you continue to shit on this site, you'll keep seeing posts
    from me advising to [​IMG]

    Talk shit about this site &/or my mates; expect nothing less.

    It takes a real [​IMG] to hang shit on this place yet still choose to remain [​IMG]
    That you would find it funny only shows how much of a imbicile you really are [​IMG]


    Can you buy over the phone or internet?

    Or do we have to wait until we're allowed back on the roads again?

    & that can only be a good thing so keep doing just that matey.

    Stuff those who thinks otherwise.

    Yeah Kish! :p :twisted: You're just better at it than the rest of us :LOL:

    taiheung: Honestly; I'm not interested & (CBF).

    Triway & Doogz: When I said that, I didnt have friends in mind [​IMG]
    So you both are excluded [​IMG]
  17. So you sell them?

    This is the weirdest forum I have EVER contributed to. It doesn't matter what you say ... do anything remotely unsafe and they jump down your throat, talk about sensible safety gear and all of a sudden you're called a SAFETY NAZI.

    What a bunch of weirdos in this place.
  18. Yeh I know who the weirdo is; someone just wants to mention something new and interesting and you come along spouting your attitude & negative aspects.... public forum, brings em all out.

    No I do not sell them :grin: might like to get them though.
  19. Not everybody wears Armoured jeans.Some people are happy just wearing normal jeans.So if these new jeans are waterproof they are certainly better than normal jeans.