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Waterproof Jacket options

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FALCON-LORD, May 3, 2006.

  1. So with with Melbourne weather doing what Melbourne weather does in winter, (It gets a tad damp and a wee bit cold for you northerners) I am thinking of a serios jacket for winter.

    Id rather not get a super heavy tent, Id rather something that is prety fitted, maby a little bit of armour where necisary. and able to handle melbourne winters.

    Tonight I am heading to the Bikemart buyfest, so some advice before i go off with my credit card in hand would be helpfull.
  2. Motodry duo ;)

    100% waterproof, I have ridden in the worst rain ever (Ask N1GH7-R1D3R & Hornet) and my top half has been dry and warm.

    Removable inner liner which is as warm as another jumper

    Armour in all the right places and an optional back protector

    And bect of all.....It's about $150-$200 cheaper then others like it (This was 8 Months ago when i brought mine)
  3. Anyone got views on a slip on rain suit? I have a pretty good leather jacket etc and to get waterproofs with the same protection would probably cost a fair bit I think?
  4. Well anyone caught in Friday's rain without wet weather gear is a wally.

    Yep I am a wally, left the CBDwith draggins and leather jacket on, got to Brighton saw A1 and thought hmmmm its pretty wet. It had not stopped raining since I had left work!

    Went in and purchased a cheap plastic over jacket and my luck must have been in becasue they had one pair of xxl motoline padded waterproof pants on special for $130! :cool:

    To cut a long story short this gear works great, stayed fry and cut out the wind. So waterproof jacket if you have a good leather jacket then a cheap $29 over jacket is the go.
  5. My RST VEGA waterproof jacket kept me warm and dry from last Monday and Friday's down pour. The Dri-rider Stormguard over-pants is also worth having, kept my pair of draggin' cargos dry inside and kept my lower half warm :)
  6. wait till it actually gets cold :wink:

    a late june run through early morning mountain mist and drizzle will see you stopping to rub sticks together for a fire in no time :LOL:

    for REAL cold weather riding, i'd recommend no less than:
    your super winter grade long jacket with skivvy underneath
    your lined cordura pants
    your lined cordura or cordura/leather gloves
    2 pairs of thick socks under your waterproof boots
    and the neck warmer, NEVER forget this

    i mean it, much less than this and you'll freeze your ass off on any mountain run earlier than noon in the middle of winter. commuting is ok for the most part in more dual purpose or summer gear, but a couple of hours on the road and you'd take a skinny dip in fresh snow to warm up :LOL:
  7. Yep I spend about 3 hours a day on the bike and agree wth you.

    Underneath my Leather jacket i wear:

    Long thermal under shirt
    Push bike jersey [keeps the wind out]
    Another long t shirt
    Then jacket

    2 pairs of socks

    Latex gloves under my SP2 gloves

    Don't have a neck warmer but use a scarf that is made of similait material and secure under chin strap.

    SO far it keeps me warm but boy do I need winter gloves :cry:
  8. Damn that rain was big, heavy and hard. Not to mention the fact it was coming at right angles for about the last 1hr into sale. I have the same jacket as Kraven and it works a treat. I too was toasty and warm on the top half, the jacket worked brilliantly.