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Waterproof iPhone case

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ResmeN, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    How do you guys keep your iPhones/iPod Touch or any phone for that matter dry while listening to music on them when riding in rain?

    Last weekend when it rained heavy I was listening to music while riding my bike and nearly lost the phone in the process. The phone was in the chest pocket and I have to keep the liner unzipped a bit to put it in and out of my pocket to access it and water seeped thru and the phones speakers stopped working for 1/2 a day then came back again.

    I don't want to risk it for the future when it rains again. What do you guys say about cases like these:



  2. glad zip lock bags size mini (20 for $3.20) perfect for fit for the iPhone, is clear on one side so you can still use it/chat on the phone through the bag, and stayed completely dry through all the rain over the long weekend
  3. Doesn't water get in from where the headphone cable exits the bag from?
  4. Place the bag upside down in the pocket
  5. i run a bluetooth headset so no leads ;)
  6. Both your recommendations sound good. I'll run past safeway on lunch and get a pack of the mini bags to use in the interim and hopefully it sorts my problem.

    I'm paranoid now as I got caught in an awful downpour and the phone nearly gave in.
  7. you'll find if it's fresh water the appliance should run after it has dried out.
    Place the phone in a sunny place or in winter near a heater and wait a few hours.
  8. I'm going to try and remember the sandwich bag trick for when I return to work, there's been too many occasions where I've had a less than functional phone because of moisture and I'd rather not have that happen with my iPhone.
  9. Blue tooth iPhone headset?
  10. nope the camos unit (stereo speakers with mic) for helmets
  11. Stewy, do you have an iPhone or were you talking about zip lock bags in general for whatever phone you use?? The blue tooth bit grabbed me.

    (By the way, ziplock bags are a cyclists best friend... phones, keys, electrolytes etc in zip lock bags are pretty standard fair.)
  12. i have a iPhone and i put that in the mini glad zip lock bags (and place that in either my jacket pocket or in the ventura bag) and connect via bluetooth to my camos headset so i can listen to music.

    Did it this way so i have no wires connecting me to the bike.

    I am working on a new water tight case with power socket to hold my iPhone and have it mounted in such a way like a gps stand.

    It's just one of about 50 million projects i am working on......
  13. Thanks for that mate. I'm in the market for a new helmet and was going to put a camos in it... I'm happy to hear that it'll bluetooth to the iPhone. I've been thinking about an on bike accessory power supply for the iPhone too... yep, just one of a "couple" of projects. :)
  14. bit off topic but i find the iPhone struggles with volume, (think the iPhone) has a lower volume output then my last phone as basically i can't talking on the phone while riding (can't hear the person on the other end) i need to slow down, and during twisties i can only just hear the music over the bike, which is actually quite good cos when you want to really get stuck in the bike DOES drowns out the music so full concentration is applied to riding quickly..

    Unit is a bit bulk and wires super long so might need to cutting and soldiering it to suit
  15. What exactly is the camos unit and can it be used in the wet? I've seen helmet bluetooths but they seem to be something that's put on the outside of the helmet which looks both costly and don't want anything on the outside.

  16. yep can be used in the wet and does sit on the outside of the helmet, looks similar to the blueant, but was a better unit when i did all my research 2 yrs ago....will probably be looking to upgrade to the rider to rider unit which used portable uhf radio when lenna starts riding.

    Sorry now the thread is completely off topic:oops:
  17. Thanks for the link smee

    There's so many wires still even on the bluetooth system that makes my iPhone headphones look like nothing. Seems like there's too much stuffing around with that unit i.e needs recharging, looks bulky and probably costly. I'm just after something that sits in the helmet and that I can answer calls and listen to music with and hopefully not too costly.

    It's okay stewy as all this info is relevant to the topic in one way or another.
  18. your right there are lots of wires on the unit itself, but on dry days you can have your iPhone charging all day while riding, and listening to music via the ciggy lighter under the seat (i have installed) and yet there is no wire running between the rider and bike (provided you store the iPhone in your ventrua pack/panniers/topbox whatever

    Yep the unit also need to be be recharged which is a pain in the ass, and did cost a little bit to get it set up....i also want riders to rider down the track which can't be done with headphones, but sounds like headphones will be prefect for you
  19. There is nothing connecting me to the bike as I keep the phone either in my jeans pocket or jackets pocket while listening to music or talking on the phone. As I mainly only listen to music on the iPhone the battery on the phone will last for at least 10-12 hours or maybe more so there is no need for me to charge the battery whilst riding.

    I wish the iPhone had a feature where while listening music on the headphones when a call comes it answers automatically but it doesn't as I found out after asking Apple.

    However there is an iPhone headphone which has a button on the cable itself which answers/hangs up calls when pressed.

    So at this stage I will use the mini glad zip lock bags and if that fails will get one of these.