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Waterproof gloves?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cossie, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. As my summer leather gloves take about 3 days to dry when they get wet I need to invest in something waterproof...

    Was looking at the Dririder ones: http://gobike.com.au/catalog/index.php?cPath=787_27_69_717

    Anyone had any experiences with them or other recommendations?

    I'll probably go for winter gloves so I dont need to buy a third pair when it gets cold. :cry:
  2. 3 DAYS to dry, Sheez, i got caught in a downpour on the ride to melbourne for about 2-3hours and my gloves were dry my lunchtime the following day.
  3. Mine were dry overnight....... but sitting on the window sill in the morning sun at Stookie's may have had something to do with that
  4. my winter gloves are dryrider, tourmasters, they have this inbuilt pouch that holds over glove things, little plastic over gloves lol!

    hey josh....

    \ /
  5. Cossie, I got drenched one day in my summer gloves and they took days to dry too. One thing about winter gloves is that I find them much harder to ride in. They can be very bulky (I got alpinestars) to the point that I refuse to wear them unless its pissing down. Just my $0.02.
  6. Exactly. Does anyone make waterproof summer-weight gloves, for places where it rains when it's not cold?
  7. Yes i found those gloves with the plastic 'oven mit' looking over gloves very funny.

    HAHA, i can see that little mishap of a msg haunting me for awhile, however, YAY i made it into an Eswen sig for the SECOND time now!!
  8. Having been a biker for more years than I care to remember in London ( where it rains a lot) riding most days and some nights for a living in every kind of weather I think I am able to say that there is no such thing as a waterproof glove- only degrees of water resistance. Even the best gloves ( and yes I have tried just about everything) still allow the rain to "blow"up the top of the glove and then run down inside onto your wrist. I have found waterproof one piece oversuits ( Dribiker) waterproof boots ( Alpinestars or cheap and cheerful Derriboots) but not gloves especially summer ones
  9. jeez, like I said to the boys on Friday, you tuck the tops of your gloves INTO the sleeve of your jacket so the water runs down the sleeve and over the outside of the glove.....
  10. I had a something similar 20 years ago. The pouch thingys were refered to as overmitts, as they were some sort of silvery colored nylon or some other waterproof material. Worked like a charm.

    They rolled up into a pouch in the gauntlet section. Only reason why I don't have 'em now is that they wore out and I couldn't replace them. I might check this tourmaster type out.

    What I liked about them was that the overmitt also acted as a windbreak and thus the fingers stayed warmer, as well as dry.

    Still reckon that mittens are the way to go in cold weather. No breeze freezing between fingers, fewer seams to leak and the fingers together in the one airspace helped keep the hand warm overall. Only issue, of course, is waterproofing them. The leather with fleecy lining mitts that I had were lost once on a camping trip. And I couldn't find another supplier since then.

    These days, all they seem to have are these gloves that make like straitjackets for fingers with plastic bubbly bits on your knuckles where you're least likely to wear them out as your outstretched hands brace for impact on the bitumen and which leak and get cold anyway...
  11. ive no idea if they still sell tourmasters

    I got these for free with my leather jacket that i got 2nd hand from ebay ($50 excelent condition)
  12. jeez, like I said to the boys on Friday, you tuck the tops of your gloves INTO the sleeve of your jacket so the water runs down the sleeve and over the outside of the glove.....

    Tried all that but the water will find its way in especially when your sleeves start to ride up . Some of the best gloves were the "two fingered type"but the make of them escapes me now
  13. Trick is to buy a jacket with sleeves that are long enough not to ride up; who cares about style when all you want to do is get home out of the rain???? :D
  14. Well I rode home tonight in fairly ordinary weather from dandy south to coburg, slight dampness in left arm is about it. Moto dry wet weather pants did the job, Medal boots are great, pity they're no longer available and cheapish Rivet gloves (under sleeves of Dririder jacket) that will take 2 days to dry but kept the hands dry at least.
  15. if wearing summer gloves and get caught out - then go to the nearest servo/shop and get two plastic bags and use them as over mits. I know it is not environmentally sound, but would work better than then green bags :D . It is a buggar if it is hot and wet as hands would be like a sauna, but will feel softer then next day :D

  16. I wonder if BMW prices their gloves like they do their bikes???

    The Dri-Riders are looking pretty good (if I can justify buying a 4th pair of gloves). That or the plastic bag option...