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Waterproof gloves?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bullet21, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. has anyone got a pair of waterproof gloves that have actually kept your hands dry in the wet? im talking serious downpoor.

    I know a lot of gloves claim they're waterproof but arent. In Melb it seems its sunny until its ****en knock of time from work, so im over not being able to feel my fingers and looking at buying some rain gloves.
  2. I use Dri-Rider Adventurer Winter Gloves, for winter and for rain, have not had a problem with them leaking yet, even in heavy rainfall....
  3. Had Rivet supposedly waterproof gloves that were crap

    Just bought some BMW gortex ones - guaranteed waterproof or bring em back. Not hard knuckle protection though :facepalm:
  4. M2R adventurer winter gloves
  5. Dianese Gore-Tex gloves, been using them for ages.
  6. I've found these ones do a great job. Added bonus, you can wear your normal gloves underneath, which is useful when you don't want to wear bulky water proof winter gloves.
  7. Alpinestars goretex gloves work well for me in all sorts of rain.
    Hands always dry.
  8. Dri-rider Nordics. Not expensive, and have kept my hands dry all winter.. and the first month of spring so far ( Yep, Melbourne weather ):p
  9. +1 for andystrapz.
    They look a little ****y but they will keep you dry for sure.
  10. I use a pair of Astar SP3 only cost $60 and used them all winter and stayed dry.:grin:

  11. Extra large heavy duty gloves from the cleaning section
    of safeways, about $3.50 a pair, just throw 'em over your gloves when it rains, problem solved.
  12. motodry is my go. except when my riding jacket funneled all water in to the glove. they have never let me down.
  13. Has any one got any experience with Dri-Rider Storm gloves. They are marketed as a Waterproof glove but not a Winter gloveā€¦ My problem with Winter gloves are they are to thick and you loos your sense of touch with them. How are the Storms for this?
  14. I do have a pair of agv winter gloves that haven't leaked yet.....but i find, thye are too bulky and you lose a lot of feel through them.....i now take a pair of medical gloves, stops the rain and breaks the wind and i can wear them unde my summer gloves \\:D/
  15. Your winter riding must be different to mine.

    I have these gloves. I find sponge material to be more waterproof than these.

    Seriously, a ride of more than half an hour in the rain and my hands are soon wet. Not just damp, but wringing wet, hands blackened from the dye kinda wet.

    I wasted a whole can of that silicon spray stuff that ski people use on it to no avail.

    Next time I have to have an extended ride in the wet I'll use dish washing gloves, I think...
  16. :-s
    My daily commute to work and back is about 20 min each way. Ridden with these gloves all winter.. hands dry. You must've bought a friday avo manufactured pair :facepalm:
  17. Yeah, whatever. All I can say is that they're rubbish.
  18. Well of course you are entitled to your opinion.
    What works for some, may not work for others.
    Then again, you may have ridden in more heavier downpours than I.

    All I can say is they work fine for me :grin:
    re: that silicone spray .. yep tried it on previous gloves .. doesn't do shit at all.
  19. It's not an opinion. It is my actual experience with the gloves. Any more than half an hour in the rain and they are soaked through.

    ie. it's a quantifiable thing.
  20. Fair Call
    Have you taken a look at Rjays Icelord glove ?
    I bought a pair last month, as the dri-riders were looking average. ( stitching around the wirist area ).
    I haven't worn the Rjays long enough in the wet to give reasonable feedback as yet, but they weathered 2-3 wet trips fine. ( and much warmer than the Dri-riders )