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Waterproof Gloves (Urban Myth???)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cossie, May 9, 2007.

  1. It's that time of year again :cry:

    I commute 45 mins each way every single day, regardless of weather. My AGV "waterproof" gloves are about as waterproof as a sponge :evil:

    Do waterproof gloves even exist at all?

    I've searched til I'm blue in the face, but many posts are around a year old anyway.

    I need warm and waterproof gloves that dont get wet and stay wet for the next 2 days. Budget is as little as I can get away with, but ideally under $130. I hear goretex is the way to go - can anyone confirm this?

    I find its the roadspray from traffic, not the rain that causes the problems, also constantly squeezing the clutch lever seems to drive the water into my left glove especially. So if anyone has experience of gloves that are waterproof when commuting, please shout out now :grin:

    Heated grips will go on the next bike, but for this winter, decent gloves will have to do.

  2. I had some awesome gloves that remained completely dry after 2 hours of riding through torrential rain and they kept my hands toasty warm. I've lost them :(

    So last year I bought a pair of dainese waterproof gloves, dry as, They keep your hands toasty warm, but they were $220
  3. kitchen rubber gloves...
  4. I have some ixon gloves, think they're called warrior??

    warm, comfy, but still flexible :)
  5. ^

    what he said.

    'ol ski instructor trick for those that had to endure the rain here in oz :LOL:
  6. I too have a set of Dainese Gortex gloves $220.00, one of the best pairs of gloves I have ever had. Wonderfully warm thanks to Primaloft insulation and the gortex membrane is always dry.
    Great things.
  7. Very thin too so you can feel the girls bum next to you :p
  8. Most Hipora/Goretex/etc waterproof gloves are pretty good for about 8months to a year worth of regular riding, as long as the water doesn't drip down your sleeve into the cuff.
    Normally I don't have any trouble but if I'm in rotten pouring rain conditions for more than an hour at a time I wear a cheap plastic dririder raincoat, over my goretex jacket and over the cuffs of the gloves, that stops rain dribbles in the cuff and stops dribbles through the zip of my jacket too.

    Also in that weather I consider it wise to carry a spare pair of dry gloves, just in case.
  9. I have some expensive alpinestar gloves that I bought when I was young and dumb (yeah yeah, little changes I know). They are waterproof, just hard to ride in as they are pretty thick. Maybe you just got some bad gloves?
  10. Ive got Dri rider highlanders..... not overly impresses so far....

    1st pair leaked like a sieve..took them back and got the replace with no hassles.

    2nd pair hasn't met water yet but i noticed that several seams are opening up...appears that the stitches missed the leather altogether in these parts..... not sure if i'll take them back or just sew them up myself.
  11. Meh.

    I'm still non the wiser :(

    I dont wanna spend $220 bucks on gloves (I cant afford to)

    I dont wanna wear kitchen rubber gloves (are they big enough to fit over winter gloves?) It may come to this yet though.

    I'm not worried about water running down the jacket into the gloves, I just tuck them under my jacket, It's the fingers that bother me.

    I wont buy Dririder again as my Dririder Nordic 4 started falling apart within 2 months of buying it. Peter Stevens said they would have to send it off for repair during which time I would have nothing to ride in, then I lost the reciept anyway.

    Anyone tried the A* WR1 Goretex gloves? http://www.bikebiz.com.au/contents/en-us/p1647.html?lmd=39212.704861
    They claim to be waterproof and fit the budget.

    I may just hit Peter Stevens and try every glove in my price range that claims to be waterproof. If they let water in I'll take them back until I find one that is!

    Otherwise, where do I find giant sized black rubber gloves? :oops:
  12. Dunno where you'd get them from now but I have a pair of Walden Miller waxed cotton overmitts that I've had for 20 years.

    They're still waterproof.
  13. Go to your mechanics, or doctors, and pinch a box of latex gloves.
    Put them on first, and then the gloves over the top.

    Works for me!
  14. Rain-off overgloves. I wear these over my A* GP Pro gloves. Totally waterproof. Also windproof. Best thing is you get to keep your favourite gloves and just put these on over the top. I keep them in my bag with other waterproof gear. They look really bulky on but the material they are made of is quite thin so don't even feel like you're wearing them. Also improve grip in the wet.


  15. doesn't that defeat the purpose?

    i've actually tried this whilst skiing, cus stoopid me forget my extra gloves, and my hands were seriously colder whilst the gloves got heavier and wetter!

  16. here
    but the ones from NZ look much better for riding. since they are purpose built.
  17. Ended up going for the A* Jet road goretex gloves. The dude says they are guaranteed to be waterproof and he will exchange them if not.

    They were $159 which is a bit more than I wanted to spend but they feel 100 times better than the A* WR1 goretex gloves that I was thinking of.

    We'll see what happens :)