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Waterproof Gloves - not so much

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MrData, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. I bought a set of Alpinestars Vega Drystar gloves mid-May as I expected some heavy weather and the salesman (as they do) told me these things were completely waterproof. I also did a bit of research online, watched a RevZilla review and believed it is waterproof... Not my experience today.

    The weather in Melbourne this morning was fairly poor, relatively dense rain, but not torrential by any measure. By the time I got to work (about a 45km trip, took an hour this morning due to traffic), the lining of the gloves and as a result my shirt sleeves halfway to my elbow were drenched. Literally; when I squeezed the gloves, water dripped out from the lining.

    Perhaps I got a lemon. Anyone had different experience with these gloves?

    Anyway, I ordered a set of Held waterproof gloves just now, so I hope these are better. For the moment, I'll just keep sticking the Vegas over the heating vents.
  2. sorry mate, are the Held's waterproof? it doesn't say that on the link or is that what this means?

  3. From what I understand that's what that means... shit I hope that's what that means :p Just kidding, a few reviews I read online who used those gloves for an extended period swore that they are waterproof. Also, from Wikipedia: "Gore-Tex is a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane".

    I have a ton of Gore-Tex hiking gear and it's all waterproof; this I can attest.
  4. cool mate, it's always a bit of a gamble buying online but I think the Held's rate pretty well.
  5. That's my understanding too; I have relatives over in Hungary who ride and they swear by the brand in terms of quality. I hope I ordered the right size, but if not the return policy seems reasonable. Will post in here once they arrive.
  6. I buy water and wind proof Ski gloves, I also Snow Ski, The gloves are rated to Minus 30 C,
    They are designed for skiing on Ice, which is a lot tougher than sliding down the road,
    I bought three pair at the last Aldi sale, $13-00, Each, They are excellent,
    Coming home from Canberra, 700 kays in a day, Pissed down all the way, Freezing cold, I was warm and dry,
    Got home at midnight, My last leg on any ride coming home, is riding thru the hills, I need my fingers working,
    Cold Wet fingers are dangerous, They give your hands cramps and your hands dont work,
    Even riding in Fog, You need warm fingers,
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  7. Warm fingers are very important :)
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  8. I have a pair Of Alpine Stars Goretex as well. I never buy anything but Gortex, many years of skiing proved that to me. They have 2 cuffs, I was told the inner cuff is supposed to go inside your jacket sleeve and the outer cuff over. This is supposed to stop water running down your arm and into your glove. I mainly just have both over my sleeve and on a long wet day water does run down your arm and into the glove. I have tried to do it the other way, Harry Houdini might be able to do this but unless I spend 1/2 and hour trying I bloody cannot. At least my hands stay warm with the heated grips but they sure don't stay dry.
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  9. Would you say the ski gloves offer the same level of protection as say a Gauntlet glove etc
    Do you find the Ski gloves to be overly thick when comparing them to a riding glove? How tactile are they?

  10. I have proved to myself over the years that gloves tucked under the cuff is the way to go. If I wear them over the sleeve, water runs down the jacket arm and into the glove.
    Threw some gloves away before I discovered this.
    Or I will wear gauntlets (over jacket sleeves) then put another waterproof spray jacket over the top so that the gloves openings are covered. This will keep water out in any conditions.
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  11. Doesn't stop so called waterproof gloves from 'leaking', as I've discovered a number of times of the years. Most recently I have purchased a pair of 'water proof' over mittens, I haven't had a chance to test them properly yet, but here's hoping. Oh and a bought a pair of 'water proof' over boots at the same time because my water proof boots aren't.
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  12. Perhaps this is what happened to me the other day. I would have expected the rain to be pushed away from the gauntlet by the wind; well, more rain coming tonight, can try it out then. Thanks!
  13. In a word, no. They are not designed for extreme abrasion, and the insulation may be too thick for good feel of the controls.
  14. An old mate of mine used to wear a pair of summer gloves under his ski gloves in depths of winter. He also wore a ski suit over his leathers when the temps really got low, as in below 5c.

    I say used to, he discovered heated grips and 'bark buster' hand guards a few years ago.
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  15. Perhaps just (bad) luck of the draw.

    I've a pair of Dainese goretex gloves going on for 10 years and are still water proof, tested again yesterday in Melbourne.

    I have also owned a pair of Held Air'n'Dry before, Held make nice gloves. Check the warranty too though, I believe Goretex offer a lifetime warranty that can be claimed through the supplier (Held) should they leak.
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  16. To be clear, the gloves I got from Alpinestars are not actually GoreTex, they are Drystar, the Alpinestars version of GoreTex. I suspect titustitus may also be correct, in which case I just got a nice new set of gloves for the hell of it :D
  17. Haha, yes, they will work better tucked under the jacket cuff for most riding positions..
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  18. For me gauntlets under the sleeve is the way to go. I always look for a slim cuff glove and recently bought my jacket mainly because of the way the sleeve opens up. Atm my revit phantom gloves and revit vapor jacket work well
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  19. Do you get a draught up the sleeve. We had a wet first day on a multi day ride last year and even with very expensive gear I had wet goretex gloves and goretex boots for the next couple of days. Have to try the glove inside the sleeve. Where I went wrong for the boots was not getting into the wet weather pants quickly enough. My std riding pants dry very quickly so I didn't bother getting into them before the rain had soaked through the pants and ran into the boots. Once wet there hard to get dry. Luckily I was wearing wool ski socks and then retain heat even when wet. You always learn new stuff as you go along.
  20. No dramas with draughts up the sleeve, everything sinches down fairly tight. It takes more effort to do but wouldn't ride in the rain any other way
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