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Waterproof Gloves - do they really exist ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. After this morning's ride into work, these are now my #1 gear priority.

    Can anyone recommend a pair of gloves that :

    #1 - are waterproof
    #2 - stop water running down into the opening (and therefore the inside of the glove)
    #3 - are obviously warm

    my current gloves are C&R Sports. While they're good solid gloves, they're only good for a very light sprinkle for about 3 minutes.

  2. rjays make some rippers, warm and waterproof. the only prob is you lose a bit of feel due to the thickness, but thats better than due to numbness IMO....
  3. Doonks - do what I did, buy a pair of Rjays full wets gear. Have waterproof over mittens inside zippers inside sleeves. Keeps you nice and dry. $110 for the wets gear.
  4. I gave up, and only use mesh gloves now days, don't really get any colder, or wetter for that matter.
    [PS and I ride a naked]
  5. whats my chances of picking them up at the May 26 special night at Ringwood ?
  6. Bought myself some "Sunsons" just prior to the WSKs from bikemart, thick, warm, so far water proof, cost $60.
    Put sleaves of jacket over the end of the gloves so water doesn't run in
    Happy so far
  7. I rode from Canberra to Melbourne in my Dri Rider Adventurer warm waterproof gloves, it was thumping down the whole way and I arrived with dry and toasty fingers. The only problem is putting the gloves back on again and that makes your fingers wet.
    I also have a set of Joe Rocket Hard Drive water proof gloves, though these do not have a thermal liner. Both sets cost me under 100 bucks
  8. Ring the Australian Customs Office. They have gloves that meet your requirement, but keeping them warm can be tricky. You really need the pillion passenger to sit up front.
  9. Sometimes chairman I wonder what planet you are operating from. Funny as though
  10. Get your gloves nice and warm, put em on, then pour a handfull of olive oil from the kitchen cupboard into the palm of one glove and rub ya hands together. The leather will soak up heaps of oil and your gloves will be pretty good in the wet for ages afterwards.

    I've had a pair of those C&R gloves for 3 years and I hit em with the olive oil maybe 2 times a winter. Dry hands in all but the worst conditions. This morning I rode to work (Boronia - Airport) rained the whole way and my hands were still nice and dry.

    Do your jacket sleeves up over the tops of your gloves rather than the other way around and the water can't run down inside em.
  11. why has this totally logical and simple solution totally eluded me ???

    <smacks head on desk>
  12. Don't worry mate i rode around with wet hands for a full winter before someone enlightened me.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Sleeves over or under is also bike dependent.

    On a sports bike, sleeves-over is probably better, as your arms are leaning down onto the bars. (and water runs down)

    On a cruiser your arms are vertical at best, so gloves-over-sleeves is probably the better option, as the wind will drive the water backwards, up the arms.

  15. I have a set of DriRider Highlander gloves....
    and I have never had wet fingers with these
    long cuffs you can tuck up under the sleeve of the
    wets or jacket plus
    a suede back on a cupla fingers for wiping the visor
    and one finger actually has a rubber edge for cleaning the
    visor if its really bad
    cost? $89
    best $89 i ever spent...

  16. i put a pair of laundry gloves over the top of my leather gloves, its still a bit cold but i've never had water get through them
  17. bright green ones, they look gay, but at least my hands are dry
  18. I have a pair of Sharp brand winter gloves with carbon fibre protection, cordura, and hipora for the water protection. They are great, and after lots of wet riding, have never let a drop in. They do get a little cold when water logged, but I haven't found a pair of gloves that don't and are still small enough to actually get some feeling/feedback when braking and not feel like I have a towel wrapped around my hands. I even had these one when riding in the snow a couple of years back for almost 2 hours and even then they still didn't get my hands wet. Well recommended, and were about $160 back when I brought them.

    I've also heard very good reports about the range of Spidi H2Out series wet weather gloves. Around the $200 mark.
  19. as I posted in the "heated handgrips" thread,
    I have a pair of those insulated pocket thingos (muffs) over my handle bars in the winter, no matter how wet it gets my hands stay dry and toasty in summer gloves.
    If its good enough for the mc couriers, and a good deal of them dont even bother with the gloves.