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waterproof gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by geeth, May 20, 2009.

  1. After another ride in my 'waterproof' boots and gloves I got to thinking....

    Are there any waterproof boots and gloves that are actually waterproof? Actaully any waterproof items apart from over items that are waterproof.

    I have the rjays over jacket and pants which are great.

    Gear so far Rjays jacket liner (don't remember the model as about 1.5 years ago) alright but leaks in the middle.

    Dririder nordic pants - have been drier in the bath but warm - haven't used the liner as it's way to warm.

    RST colorado gloves - suck, at place of purchase trying to get refund / exchange

    Dririder tourer boots - meh not bad for light shower but anymore than that for about 10 min you will have mobile puddles.

    When buying something that is 100% waterproof I would expect to be able to end up somewhere dry in close to anything short of a storm.

    Can anyone recommend waterproof gear that works properly mainly boots and gloves?

  2. Have a look at the Andy Strap over mittions,they work great
  3. I got RJays Edge boots. Several times was riding in the pouring rain...so far so good. :) Looks like their Aquashield thing works.

    Dririder $50 gloves (not sure what is the model) start leaking pretty quick if it is more than just a light shower. But I can't remember if they claimed these gloves are supposed to be waterproof.
  4. I got RST Ventilator with removable waterproof and winter liners. Haven't had problems with leaks. Although it is a bit of a pain to put the waterproof liner in esspecially in winter when you have to remove the winter liner first, put waterproof in and then winter one back.
  5. some of the recent editions of road rider reviewed allegedly waterproof gear.
    these guys review lots of stuff
    I have sidi waterproof boots and they didn't leak last winter. same for my alpinestars drystar gloves.
  6. what 'model' of boots are the sidi?
  7. Never had any problems with my waterproof smx-2s.


    I was a bit skeptical but they've held up great - I even drag them through puddles sometimes just for lulz :D. Obviously you've got to wear waterproof pants over them though - they're not waterproof from the top.
  8. Purchased a pair today. Will give a review once I use them in the rain
  9. Have a look at the Sidi Strada Tepor boots.

    I had a pretty ordinary experience with my first boots (Dririder Nordic) and upgraded at the beginning of this year. The Sidis have been brilliant. Not a drop of water has got through, including in the last 48 hours in SE QLD, where more water seemed to be coming upwards from flooded roads than down in the rain! :shock:
  10. Last night in the stupid heavy rain my boot held up better then they have during the light showers.

    Thanks guys will have a look into it
  11. DriRider Climate Control jacket. Dry and warm in all weathers, although the lining needs a regular wash to retain its warming properties well. Only problem with it is the waterproof lining wrist cuffs wont fit over the outside of ur gloves, so in heavy or prelonged rain it runs down into the gloves.

    RST Rift winter pants. Fantastic and very warm with the liner in, except it gets a bit cold round the side of the hips for some reason.

    Oxtar/TCX Infinity boot. Extremely uncomfortable to walk in for more than a few mins, but very comfy for riding and never leaked in the rain. Even stood ankle deep in a creek once, still dry.
  12. I rode everyday last year through winter in my RST rift waterprrof pants and not once did they leak.. my boxers were dry everytime..

    they are the best pants I've ever had.. however they are warm.. they say breathable but they are sticky in anything over about 16 degrees I find..

    but definitely dry..

    best thing you can do is ask/tell the shop you buy them from that if they leak you will be bringing them back for a refund and if they are still 100% happy to recommend them to you...
  13. Rjays Evo Jacket: (last seasons model)
    have ridden thru all sorts of bloody weather and it was spot on.....
    cant vouch for it enough....... :wink:
    Have seen them on special recently at MCAS in Parra for $239....saving of $150 so its a 'nick' at that money.......

    By the same token I've bought Falco waterproof boots that lasted 20 minutes before they filled with water :mad:
    and Rjays waterproof textile pants that leaked like a sieve in the crutch :cry: ...not happy Jan
  14. I used triumph's 1 pce waterproof outers.. They worked great, just have to take time doing up the velcro with no ripples in it was the only trick.

    Gloves: aah they all end up leaking eventually. The hyvarrsons or whatever they are I have are fairly resilient but given long enough they end up a bit soaked too.. Maybe the option is to get heated gloves, that way you are at least warm which is the big thing. Or get some handlebar mits..
  15. Like the BMW gear and find that it works fine. Expense is justified as I enjoy riding in comfort. Took some time to save $$'s and would have got there sooner if I hadn't wasted time with some of the other stuff first. Had Dri Rider Nordic and had no problems with leaking, but found it to be too bulky and hot. Eventually got BMW Comfort Shell and have ridden in temps as low as 3.5 degrees and up to mid 30's with just T-shirt / boxers underneath. Very comfortable, easy to move around in, including walking a bit when off bike. No leaks in heavy rain. Rossi boots also found to be dry. Riding is mainly touring / distance and in all weather. Faired bike probably helps a lot as well.
  16. Got the Dririder Blizzard pants. VEry VERY toasty IMO that literally on my test ride I was sweating. Will have to test there resistance to water though.