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Waterproof boots suggestions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lazy Libran, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. #1 Lazy Libran, Jul 7, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2015
    Hi All,

    It's time to invest in a pair of good riding boots. My existing pair has lasted me more than 4 years through rain, hail and shine. I've used them EVERY single day since the day I bought them. They're still OK but showing their age now so in the market now for a replacement.

    My budget is around $250 and have narrowed down the following brands -

    Alpinestars Gran Torino (Saw them at Peter Stevens for $249. These are the non Goretex ones and made in Viet)
    Falco 317 OXEGEN WTR (Syndey City Motorcycles for $250 - online)
    Gaerne ($250 - $300) At Bike Mart - not sure which ones are waterproof
    Dri Rider $200 (At A1 and Peter S)
    Forma Voyage ($250 as well from A1)
    RST Paragon ($199 from Peter S)

    I like Daytona as well but they are very expensive. Same with Sidi.

    Anyone having any personal experience with any of the above brands? Falco comes highly recommended and same with Forma. Gaerne is good as well from what I've read.

    Thanks guys!
  2. I have the RST Paragon and am very happy with them.

    Can vouch for their waterproofing and ability to keep the cold biting wind out. By the same token, I have not found them to be hot to wear - though I don't wear them when it's not cold/wet - my feet haven't become sweaty in them.
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  3. I commute every day in these.

    TCX X-Five Plus Gore-Tex Boots - RevZilla

    They are Gore-tex, super comfortable, and have been through many tropical rainstorms without any leaks. (About 2 years so far)
    Not sure how easy they are to get in Aus. though.
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  4. Size 43 not available on Revzilla

    Will check local stores.

    Thanks warwickhwarwickh
  5. Been through a few storms wearing Berik GPX boots I picked up for $180 a few months ago.

    I think it leaked a few drops during one monsoon I managed to get stuck in.
  6. I bought myself some Rjays waterproof overboots & I've yet to test them. They only cost about $20 at MCAS. I suppose you can give those a try if you don't want to either carry another set of boots &/or spend $100+. You can wear them over your favourite motorcycle boots. Just make sure to go one size above your own.
  7. I've got Forma Poker's and have been very happy with them.
    Paid $90 from the importer in Seymour.
  8. The last pair of DriRider boots I had lasted less than a day before they started to show obvious deterioration... I took them back for a refund! Apparently the store (PS) had quite a few come back for the same reason. Since then (about two years back) I've been a tad wary of DriRider quality.
  9. I have had my Gaerne GRT Aquatech for nearly 2 years,and found them to be very good. I ride to work nearly every day (albeit only 20kms a day) and have found them to be waterproof (unlike my Dryrider waterproof gloves) and good during our Canberra winters. We don't get a lot of rain but they have been tested on several occasions and were fine unlike my gloves. They were comfortable to walk in from day one and I have been very happy with them. In the same time I've had these boots I have been through 2 pairs of cheapy gloves and onto my 2nd pair of $100 gloves so even though they seemed very expensive at the time ($270 on sale) they have been better value than my gloves.
    Gaerne | The Boot Co. RACING: GRT <span>AQUATECH</span>2369-001
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  10. All right guys..

    Ended up getting the Falco Axis 2 from AMX today. A very comfortable fit.

    Will write up a review sometime soon.

    Gianni Falco s.r.l. - AXIS 2

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  11. Just to add to this I have a pair of 10+ year old Aquatechs that I only recently replaced with some Alpinestar gortex SMX6 boots. The Gaerne boots were solid for me.
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  12. Yeah. Gaerne boots are pretty solid. Will definitely be in my list.
  13. Hi LL Which boots did you end up purchasing. Thanks
  14. I got the Falco Axis 2

    They look very similar to the These ones:

    Gianni Falco s.r.l. - AXIS 2.1
  15. I've got forma boots. The only water is coming in them is over the top.