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Waterproof boot suggestions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by middo, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. I know this has been done before, but...

    I am looking for a pair of boots that are waterproof. Not water resistant, water proof.

    I currently have a pair of Dririder Air-tech boots, which are advertised as waterproof, but after 4 hours of riding in the rain, they are still drying out. They get soaked in anything other than a light sprinkle. So I am asking, what is a really waterproof boot? Not just keeps you dry in light showers, but will stay dry after many hours of heavy rain. And please, I am after personal experience, not advertised claims.
  2. I bought a pair of Sidi Road boots and they have been waterproof in really heavy rain. Nothing gets in. Had em a year now and still good.
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  3. Whilst they don't stop the boots getting wet, waterproof socks can keep your feet dry.
    Sealskinz or Dexshell. I got Dexshell from Anaconda.
    Can also get overboots.
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  4. First off, I'd say the taller the boot, the better to maximise the overlap with waterproof overtrousers.
    No amount of goretex is going to help if water is creeping in from the top.
    That's one reason I bought Daytona Traveller boots. At 34 cm there's plenty of overlap. Also lots of other features. Check my review from ages ago. Everything still applies. The boots still look almost like new despite being used on a daily basis through the colder rainy months.
    Daytona will cost you big bucks. Worth every cent.
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  5. I've got Alpinestars Gran Torino Gore-Tex boots which I rode around Australia in and kept my feet very dry all the way. Last part of the trip included 700km of almost constant rain, some of it very heavy (Victorian weather). At one point on the trip I used them a little like gumboots walking through water about 20cm deep with my socks staying moisture free.

    It's a tall boot, very compliant for walking in, but certainly isn't as 'protective' as my Dainese TRQ Race Out boots, which I normally wear whilst riding, for which I can't comment on for long periods of riding in the rain.
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  6. BMW Santiago boots. Not cheap but never leak, very good ankle support etc. Exceptional boot. I have worn them in torrential rain. Did extensive research before buying and these consistently rated very well. Buckles also mean they can be adjusted to accommodate thermal socks in winter.
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  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into these before my next trip to Perth. The current boots will be relegated to summer riding mainly.
  8. I have pair of AStar SMX5 - the vented version. I slathered sno-seal wax all over, working it well into the stiching & put some electrical tape over the vents & they've been dry so far this winter.
  9. sIdI discoveries. Been in rivers and creeks in many countries, and kept dry feet. Flexible enough to ride a sport bike as well.
    They dont sell em in australia, but plenty of international sellers.
  10. Very informative thread guys! Thanks for that. Would it be ok, if you post some prices as well? Just an approximate price you paid.

    That may assist some of us with budgeting and future purchases.
  11. I paid $350 USD plus postage from US when our dollar wa 1.09 US cents, a year and a half ago.
  12. BMW Santiagos around $500. But if you keep an eye on retailers (e.g. Procycles in Sydney) they often have quite generous discount sales.
    Another thing with the Santiagos. If you look at the picture you will see a metal band across the front of the boot, for off-road. I unscrewed this. Ride a cruiser, looks great.
  13. Daytona will set you back around $450-550 depending on the model.
    Try typing 'motorradstiefel daytona' into German ebay and try to find a better deal. That's what I did.
  14. i have a pair of DriRider Storm boots that have held up well so far in Melbourne weather....having said that my ride is only 30-40 minutes from the city to point cook...
  15. Been using Motodry Tour Max myself after days of rain still dry inside with pants over the top, I am not a boot-tucker though and have not liked the feel of any boot type with pants tucked in.

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  16. BMW Pro Touring 2 boot. None better. About AUD$450 US$350.
    You get what you pay for...