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Waterless Wash... highly recommended

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Lectre, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. I'm not sure about the drought situation down south, but up here in southeast queensland we have a pretty savage drought happening (and water restrictions to boot). Being the little greeny that i am I decided to give the PG Waterless Wash product a go, and it worked like a charm!

    I'm assuming that I'll still give it a wet wash every now and then, but it took me less than half the normal time which I spend washing my bike, and the finish was wicked.

    Also, to whomever mentioned Mr. Sheen for cleaning the grease and gunk off rear wheel rims in a previous thread, kudos to you... that works in fine fashion!

  2. To wash a bike uses very little water.
    Dare I ask what cemicals are in this "Waterless wash"?
    I am not advocating the wastage of water, but more often than not the natural solution is the greenes solution.

    If you want to be particularly green about it, washing a bike should not need more than 2 liters. 1 liter with soap, and one liter to rince. (You might even be able to get it down from that.
  3. We are on tank water and it's getting pretty low at the moment.

    I always wash and polish with Enjo gloves (very cheap alternatives just as good from the supermarket) and use about 500ml water.

    Occassionaly I will head to the car wash and spend two bucks on a quick wash there.
  4. yep stage 4 water restrictions here. I think Melbourne is on stage 2??

    i use about a litre of water all up.....
  5. Anyone got a web link for this PG waterless wash thingumy?
  6. Yeah i'd like to read more. Sounds great.

  7. See half liter and no chemicals
    Latrobe valley is also on stage 4? I knew the west is all dry as, but I thought the east was still getting some catchment falls.
  8. just give me soapy water and a bottle of Plexis any day. :)
  9. my mate in st andrews is down to a couple thousand gallons or something... and i think he said his tanks were 66,000 each or something... i dunno they're pretty big.
  10. Just invite the bike in to shower with you, as I do.
  11. I use waterless wash on the bike every week works great.

    After a prolonged period of riding I will get the sponge and plexis out for a deep clean.
  12. Save water shower with a friend :rofl:
  13. When I used to work at Autobarn we used to sell a truck load of these kits, And I still have and use mine all the time.
    Meguiars is a little more pricey, But I have used there products for 13 years and they have never let me down.

    I used to use the NXT generation Meguiars polish on my Red VTR250 and the paint always looked brand new.
  14. Water Restrictions are shifting to level 3 in Victoria on 1st of January. So, I decided to wash the bike one last time. I used a new polish from Scumbag's Moto One and it worked a treat. :grin:
    The waterless product sound good. I think I'll need to start using them.
  15. Fortunately stage 3 doesn't restrict bucket washes, and even more fortunately I can do the bike with just 2 buckets :)
  16. If you're in Melbourne who needs waterless wash with this weeks weather.. My bike got washed twice this week, on Friday evening, and tonight, and I got the added bonus of getting my leathers, clothes, phone, mp3 player, bags and gloves all washed at the same time ;)