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Water restrictions.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Maximus, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. hey guys was just wondering how you washing your bikes now that another stage of water restrictions is in place. do you go to a self car wash or just try and use one bucket of water which is allowed for washing car's windows??? i'm a bit puzzled and bike really needs a wash.... :p

  2. I was it with a hose and bucket.
  3. hose? what's a hose? we aren't even allowed to use them - they have to be disconnected from the taps in case the water police do a check :shock:

    so is there something good that people use to wash their bikes with? i think i'm allowed to use a bucket til we get our next restrictions - or whenever i manage to remember to leave it out to catch the rain when we do get it.....
  4. Good onya Roscoe! Who give a F*#k about water wastage right?

    "grey" water is OK to use in Melb at the moment. I keep a bucket in the shower and collect the water that runs before it gets hot. This classifies as "grey" water and is OK to use for your wash.

    Depending on how big your bike is, it might take three or four showers..... :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. SA is pretty tight on water... i work as an automtive detailer for a rental company.. wash about 30 vehicles a day...

    commercial exemptions etc...

    i just do my bike at work.. on work time.. and get paid for it... same as greasing my chain... do that there too..

  6. I clean my bike with a rag and a can of Mr Sheen :\

    Our house is water crazy. It's mums way of feeling PC.

    We save water from the washing machine, shower (plug the bottom. every drop is saved), shit.. we even don't flush the toilet if it's only number 1's.
  7. remember kiddies:

    "if it's yellow, let it mellow. if it's brown, flush it down"

  8. I've never washed my bike any other way!
  9. At home with the hose & bucket. Only thing thats changed is it
    gets washed in the backyard instead of the front. :p
  11. You guys know than any water you put into a bucket when inside is classed as grey water don't you? I haven't done it yet (but the bugs on my bike are driving me fcuking INSANE!) but you can legaly just fill up buckets and watering cans from your laundry sink specifically to wash your bike (as far as I can tell). :wink: :grin:

    I think I'm not too far off this loop hole. I do NOT like crap on my BIKE! :mad: Hold me back! :LOL:
  12. Water has never touched my bike (except from being drenched in a creek crossing from a speeding 4 wheel drive :LOL: :LOL: ) and a rag, Mr sheen and some polish is all you need!!!

    Just do it more often and its easy( and you spend more time with your real loved one :LOL: )
  13. I haven't washed my bike yet, (haven't used it enough) but I'll probably just use the 'fill the bucket of water up in the shower' method.

    Bulls*@t you wash 30 vehicles a day. :) When I was working with you I never saw you wash a thing! All you did was throw 'stingers' at your manager and co-workers! :wink: I won't argue with you that you sit at work and grease your chain all day though! :LOL:


  14. Loopholes kinda defeat the whole reason why we have water restrictions in the first place (if everyone found a way around the system it only means tougher restrictions being brought in sooner). Still even under stage 4 you are allowed to clean "corrosive substances" from a vehicle using a bucket - I guess dead bugs could be considered corrosive. Although really just buy one of those microfibre mitts or a bug sponge - they use stuff all water and they do work.
  15. ditto. we're also moving towards eco-friendly soap at home so we can use that water on the garden too.

    no kidding?!?! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. I have my requirements and ways of doing things in life Carri. :)
  17. I want to wash my bike...
    Help me save water! please come shower with me so I don't feel bad :LOL: