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Water-proof race boots..

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Archaeon, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. I've been keeping a close eye on the Dainese Torque Pro Out D-WP... Can't find em in Aust yet.. but overseas still cheaper. I want to support local markets on the odd occasion.

    What does the panel reckon about these boots?

    Looking for solid boots that offer excellent protection, not just for track work. I don't compromise when it comes to safety and preserving my limbs in the event of the the unexpected... It only takes one incident to make regretting not having the proper protection a case of ... "too late now"

    Am getting sick of riding with a puddle chilling my toes.. just as annoying as squishy operation of the levers..

  2. I -love and adore- my boots and have ridden in pissing-down rain with the vents open and still had dry tootsies, but daaaamn those are cool. Just not keen on the zip being on the back. Probably not the educated response you're after though. :p

    Why those boots specifically? There are plenty of waterproof race boots in the shops here.
  3. water proof ones usually lack in the protection area.. like most gear... and these look alright :grin:
  4. Okay, gotta mention Sidi then, in case you haven't checked their range out yet. They do waterproof versions of a few of their race boots. The Vertigo Rain is probably their best (protective) bet.
    Anyway, just another option. :) As the Dainese boot looks new-ish to me so might not be here for quite some time. Should do a review if you end up with them though!
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  5. those race boots. for wearing on a supersport with rear sets.
    not so great for walking even a short distance.
    the touring boot might be better.

    the prices are fantastic for gortex these days.

    but, given theres a sidi vertico that's rain proof as mentioned by the lovely Tildette. would be a much better boot. true dual purpose track or street.

    i would look/see what's available from TCX also. protection wise they are hardcore.
    and always great value pricewise.

    just, for feel. sidis all the way.

    note: i am automatically biased because i don't like Anthony. he's creepy.
    i like Brian, he's my man, such a spunk.
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  7. To be honest, just buy the racyist boots you can find. Do you really want to be able to walk around much in such stupid looking shoes? Personally if im doing any kind of walking i dont want to be seen in race boots.

    Just buy online, dont support failing business models, not everyone can be a winner in the economy.
  8. ... Have you been to the Walking in gear through CBD thread :grin:

    But I agree, wouldn't really want to walk too great a distance in race boots, feel like a cyborg or at Perisher lol

    The Sidis look alright, like the adjustable calf fit. I currently have the Alpinestars Supertech.. had them since day one of riding, seven years on, still going strong-ish.. but is starting to wear with the battle scars


    $30 difference between the Dainese and Sidi.. hmm.. .
  9. Go the SIDI they are a far better boot, their race boots are pretty much the best in the business.

    Dianese products are not that good. they make good leathers but boots not so much, i would say Alp Stars > Dianese.
  10. Not sure if serious... Dainese Axial Pro is worn in MotoGP.
  11. I'm still a little undecided... I suppose motoGP riders wear em for sponsorship..

    SIDI are cheaper, but Dainese looks a little less hectic
  12. Safety has a lot less to do with what riders in motogp/wsbk wear then money mate.

    Look at the riders who buy their own gear for racing, you will see they dont get around in off the rack dianese stuff.
  13. Yeah I'm sure MotoGP riders doesn't care about their own safety at all. Ofcourse they wear it because of sponsorship, but if the gear is no good they wouldn't wear it. Dainese boots might not be as good as SIDI or Alpinestars but if it's good enough to be worn in MotoGP it's good enough for me. What make you say that the boots are not good?
  14. Ok yea fair enough they are more then good enough for the road. i figured you wanted the best quality you could buy if your going to be spending big money on gear and getting the top spec stuff.

    Dianese is fine its just not as well put together now that its all made in the Ukraine.
  15. I might be wrong, but doesn't Alpinestars and most major brands have their gears made in country with cheap labour as well?
  16. ... Geez.. i'm not made of gold man .. I just wanted a nice pair of waterproof boots that offered excellent protection.

    Even if I had a money tree to pluck from, I probably wouldn't go uber top of the line just because I could.. It would have to be unparalleled protection, design, comfort and durability in order to justify the $$$..

    The diff between the Dai and Sidz was $30 .. so not much of a difference.. Like the Sidz calf adjuster, so leaning more towards that at the moment.. but I like the styling of the Daiz more..

    Stuff it, if I was getting the boots for the looks, then my heads in the wrong place. Gonna go try the Sidis on the weekend to make a decision.
  17. out of curiosity.. what is the top of the line, uber expensive, uber protective track gear..?
  18. SIDI Vortice
    Alpinestars Supertech R
    Dainese Axial Pro

    Those are the top of the line for each of those brand. Around $450-500 USD. Also the $30 diferent, are you comparing the normal Vertigo with the TRQ-Race Out D-WP? I'm looking on sportbiketrackgear and the only Vertigo that is WP is the SIDI Vertigo Boots Mega Gore-Tex which is $400.
  19. http://www.sidisport.com/eng/scheda.php?macro=2&id=9
    But struggling to find it actually available online. RevZilla has them for $325 but says they're out of stock, and the Dainese are $430. The Vertigo Rain isn't on that sportbiketrackgear site but yeah, the Vertigo Mega Gore. bikebiz has the Rain for a billion dollars (about what I paid though...). ;)

    Geez I'm so relieved I'm happy with my boots. :woot:
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