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Water in my street

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by FastR1Red, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Haha, we just had 30mm dumped in the last 20mins. Water over the roads everywhere. Cars having fun in it too.
    And it's now completely stopped.

    04/08:00pm 22.5 24.4 21.3 93 0.8 SSW 13 24 7 13 - - 31.8
    04/07:30pm 26.0 28.8 22.3 80 2.5 E 11 19 6 10 - - 1.6
  2. Where are you?

    I'm at the corner of Brunswick Rd and citylink, about a K upstream from flemington bridge. Just went for a walk along the Moonee Ponds creek. Never thought we'd have our own local waterfall...
  3. 30mm in 20 min isn't really that much..
  4. We got water in our driveway
  5. It is for me here in Knox.
    Especially when we're at the very lowest point in the street and all the water builds up cos it can't escape quick enough.

    Yeh I remember living up bush on the NSW/Vic border for years, the storms were wonderful. Don't know how much we got but the roads turned to rivers.
  6. NFI how many mils but that was a fkn interesting ride home.

    riding through water up to my knees feeling the current trying to pull the bike off the road - riding on the wrong side of the road (wellington and princess hwy) - sidewalks and along median strips!
  7. I'm in the same area and yep it came down..

    How much? We we have a pool with 1" (25mm) square tiles and there were two above the water line.
    In 30 min, all tiles are under water line so that's over 50mm in 30 min...

    This is over my back fence at Mountain Hwy Wantirna opposite the Good Life (former King Club) gym..

    Water was spilling over the medium strip to the other side of the road, then over the embankment into the gym car park.
    That ute got water inside after going through that.
    Others crossed the medium strip and went back.


  8. Be careful out there, people DO get swept away in water that's only a few inches deep.

    Ps, Holly, was that your SMS on Wednesday/Thursday ? Vodafone were down most of yesterday and was getting SMS messages at random times.
  9. Yeah - I was waiting for the cars to clear the flooded bits so I could go through at a pace the the bike didn't feel like it was about to go sideways.

    Yeah it was me - Thought I send you guys a bit of love :)
  10. We felt the love!

    We got 270mm yesterday afternoon, roads flooded a bit up here, but our drainage is better suited to it than yours I think.
  11. I need 150 feet to get my road flooded, and another 150 feet to get my house flooded,
  12. Thinking positively, at least he wasn't at risk of hydroplaning 8-[.
  13. Burwood Hwy blocked, Stud rd is a mess, can't get to Bunnings,,,hahaha