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Watching 'Torque' tonight

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. I've heard that (a) it's deeply, deeply crap and (b) watching it is a bit of a rider ritual. Since the womenfolk in the family are settling in for a 'Ghost Whisperer' marathon, I'm going to run the gauntlet this evening. Thoughts and reactions in an hour and a half or so, I guess.

  2. what channel?
  3. cmon its only the best bike movie made.
    And ive seen most of the others.
  4. its not on tv tonight joel...
    Harry Potarse is =.=
  5. yeah, i'm currently surrounded by my kidlets watching harry, and was hoping for an escape to the downstairs tv :(
  6. DVD for me, sorry I didn't make that clear.

    So, it started out with tiny glitches and wrong details - someone puts his gloves on before his helmet, for example.

    Then there's an awful lot of those amazing road bikes that sprout knobbies and tall forks at the first sniff of dirt - an innovation I wouldn't mind on my bike, while that list is being made.

    Then they jumped the shark by jumping the train, and from then on worked hard at making shark jumping an Olympic event.

    By the final desparate 200 mph race between a jet bike and a... chopper... :eek:

    But still, I have a taste for fine cheese, and this was the cheesiest - I actually enjoyed it quite a bit!
  7. Which glove did he put on first?
  8. ;) I don't think I was being *quite* that anal - but have you ever tried buckling a helmet with gloves on?
  9. It's an important detail!

    Ok, ok. Serious question. How does it compare to "Biker Boyz", if you've seen it that is.
  10. Biker Boyz is a much better and more realistic movie... and has the very luscious Megan Good. Perhaps it's a touch serious in spots though, whereas the cheese never ends with 'Torque'.
  11. "Now do I put my left glove on, helmet on first or do I start the bike first or is it sunglass on then helmet or do I put my right glove on and start bike with my left, hang on it's helmet on then gloves then sunnies and start the bike but If i put the helmet on after gloves how do I do up the buckle? ah sunnies on last but helmet on first do up buckle then gloves on start bike no wait it's hard to hold onto the keys, ...........hmmmm Shit I left my jacket at the pub!"
  12. Um, is that a dodgy link, smee? I got a popunder/browser hijack for 'Spyware Desctructor' or some similar crap. Possible it was from another link I had open, but the URL of that one you linked is kinda oogly...
  13. nope its a pic from picassa taken from the anzac day ride. Picassa links but not dodgy
  14. That jetbike flip made me throw food at the screen.

    And some of you KNOW how much I like food.
  15. As realistic as riding on a busa in the wet along a painted white line :shock:
    Drag racing with road bikes and road tyres along some dirt road? That strip had got to be reachable within a minute...it dragged it out so it took them 10 minutes to reach the end. Oh and the runoff after the finish line was like 20 metres... :roll:
    I liked Torque better, it didn't take itself as serious :cool: :LOL:
  16. Deep down I know they're both bad films.......but I still watch them both consistently.

    I even did the fist across my chest then the revving action ala Biker Boyz, to my mate on the highway once, even though I was kidding and my mate was laughing the cars around me still tried to kill me, rightly so I guess.

    Same goes for the Fast n Furious movies :oops: What can I say? I'm honest :)

    Anyone seen Akira?

    That's a movie some really cool bike scenes in it, futuristic fiction, but good stuff.
  17. Dhoom

    I was doing the old channel flick one night and went over sbs and saw a suzuki zooming down the road. It was a indian movie called Dhoom. Must admit never really that tempted by indian movies but this was alright some good riding in it.
  18. the motorbike stunt doubles in Dhoom and Dhoom 2 are our very own Australian professional stunt riders Matt Mingay and Cam Ambridge from Stuntz Inc,

    did ya know that Matt also starred as Tom Cruise’s stunt double in Mission Impossible 2.
  19. No shit! How about that? Very cool. I'm partial to the odd Bollywood flick, and I loved Dhoom 2. Doom pachale!
  20. Of all the unashamedly cheesy movies I’ve seen, I like Dhoom and Dhoom 2 the best. Nice bikes, ok riding. Still cheesy but not ninja bike fighting cheesy, like the others. :LOL: