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Watching the Superbikes

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by BluVFR, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Hi all, moved down from Sydney recently and have stumbled across your site. Hope to make it to one of your meets or rides soon, but I have a question...

    The first round of the WSB is on this saturday (fox2 at 1930). Can you melbourne folk recommend a place (pub, casino, whatever) where riders hang out to watch this stuff (the WSB, MotoGP etc)?

  2. I second this request.
  3. I third it! :LOL:
  4. Sorry, can't help (I'm in the country anyway), so I'll be watching it at home :grin:
  5. Foxtel is your friend...
  6. Dam , there has to be some ware we can all watch it ?
  7. Netrider hq should have it on for the night
  8. Should, or does? Cuz I'm there if it's a goer! :grin:
  9. Hmm, Im not sure where bikers go to watch it, but I've seen it on at various pubs in the city. The Casino is your best bet, otherwise, chapel st/lygonst/brunswick street should have a pub somewhere showing it. Oportos on chapel street has foxtel, lol. Could organise to all meet there and demand them to put the superbikes on. They dont serve booze but they're right across the road from bridy oreillys. Just a thought
  10. So if it is on there, where's there [netriderhq?]? I haven't made it to a gathering yet so it's all new.
  11. lucky i got payTV i thinks. ill either be sitting down to watch it over a slab of tooheys extra dry.. or partying with a slab of tooheys extra dry and nicking in to the payTV to check the progress haha.
  12. Didn't Knightrider organise something along these lines last year??
  13. I have a friend who often let's me watch while he consumes Pepsi Max and giggles continuously.
  14. what about the superbikes? :grin:
  15. Oh, I joined the Summitt Club for that.
  16. I really need to get a video sender & a large screen tv so I can set it up outside and watch it as I sit in the outdoor spa :grin:

  17. Unfortunatley it won't be on at HQ :(
    I had Foxtel disconnected over summer and had planned to get Optus instead when the bikes started back. I still have the foxtel box here but no connection, I rang them to ask if they can hook it up again but I would have to upgrade to digital and they can't book that in until mid next week. :( :( :(
    Sorry guys. The only thing I can offer on Saturday night is a party for Rollas birthday, we can all drown our sorrows that we can't watch the bikes tho ;)
  18. beers r cold....
    Foxtel is on......
    the Superbikes are about to start....

    ohh yeah
  19. what a great race. i bet there is a few angry riders/teams back in the pits though.. but was awesome to watch.. bring on race 2