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Watched a strange cartoon last night

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by helina handbasket, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. ON UKTV (Cable)

    Guys sitting in his car at the lights when 3 cyclists come up next to him

    All thre cyclists in unison say

    "We are cyclists, the next evolution, part man part pure energy,
    we have chosen not to use the primitive mode of transport you use"

    " We require only our Shiny Helmets, and Lycra pants and the billions of
    dollars of bitumen your road tax dollars have paid for to power our

    The lights are still RED
    the cyclists take off saying

    "We are above your laws we may do as we please "

    In the background you see two cars crash as they swerve to miss the

    I want a copy of this was great :)
  2. Me too!

    I wonder if someone's put it on YouTube?

  3. Theres a good point.... Never really thought about that.
  4. RRRR, cyclists, don't get me started...