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Watchdog backs motorcyclist in turban battle

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twainharte, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. hmmm, wonder what the implications of this could be?

  2. They should make helmets shaped like turbans.
    Problem solved :p
  3. It's Canada; they gave up their rights to impose common sense on anyone who isn't white years ago...
  4. Sikh's have been exempt in the UK since 1976...
  5. They'll start letting blind people ride motorcycles?
  6. perhaps he just needs a bigger helmet so he can wear both?
  7. I wonder if his religious tenets will save his melon from getting splattered all over the road ?
  8. I dunno guys, I reckon there's a market there for airbag turbans.
  9. during teh Middle ages they had Steel helmets with turbans tied around the outside of them. It would be a "slightly" larger turban to do it on a MC Helmet though some open faces helmets arn't much bigger than an old military helm.
  10. Catering to the Minority

    Hi All,

    Once again a case of catering for the minority. :evil:

    It happens here as well. :evil:

    It is only a matter of time, before something gets done about this absurd behaviour that is becoming more and more evident.

    Bring on the rebellion !!! :shock:

  11. Soon you'll be able to do anything you want under the guise of religion, race, ethnicity, sex etc....just choose the one that suits you and you'll be able to get out of anything. It wasn't that long ago when everything was taboo due to 'politicial correctness.' Where will it end? or maybe this post is not politically correct.... :shock:
  12. It is his life, im sure it isnt going to have any effect on anyone else, if he is aware of the risk, and he accepts it, why not let him??
  13. Officer I don't want to wear a helmet so you can't book me cause its my choice.....might work? Absolutely not!! :shock:
  14. with that argument, sticking to the speed limit is against my religion therefore i should never get penalised for doing it again :LOL:
  15. He'll only have 1 Serious Off and then it'll be all over.
  16. shouldn't that be "the self important back turban wearer in helmet safety debate"??

    We also have laws made by government, and many countries are also supposed to have a weird concept about separation of church and state, so where does this lie?
  17. I wonder if that would be upheld in Australia and if so would an L or P plater get off a DUI if he attended a Christian Mass and had the sacrement of Wine as part of his religious beliefs.

    If you choose to live in a country you should abide by its Laws, if you do not like them, move to a country whose laws are suitable for you.
  18. Yes.

    It happened a few years ago (I can't find the reference at the moment)
  19. Exactly the same argument you could use for allowing someone completely blind to ride a motorcycle.
  20. Apparently there aren't any Sikh fighter pilots in the world either! What rubbish. I know for a fact that Sikhs wear helmets when flying jets so what this comes down to is 1. the expense of finding an appropriate helmet and 2. a Human Rights lawyer who wants to promote his own career.