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Watch your clock when you're near school zones. A cautionary tale.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rc36, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. This just in on news.com.au

    "A 44-YEAR-OLD man has been charged in Western Australia with speeding through a 40km/h Southern River school zone at more than 100km/h.

    Police charged Gosnells resident Wayne Ruka, 44, after allegedly catching him speeding at 101km/h, more than twice the speed limit through a school zone yesterday morning.

    Police were on patrol in the school zone area on Southern River Rd just before 8am (WST) when it will be alleged that the man drove a Nissan Murano through the school speed zone.

    Police managed to stop the man in Huntingdale where they seized his car for 28 days under WA's hoon legislation.

    Ruka, who turned 44 the day before the alleged incident, has been charged with reckless driving and will appear in the Armadale Magistrates Court on July 8."

    Now, he probably deserved to be booked anyway because the normal limit would have been 60, BUT, note that the article says..."JUST BEFORE 8am". So, unless the WA school zones times are different to NSW (8-9:30), then this is another case of over-zealous policing.

    I make it a practice, even though both the bike and the car have a clock, to always start observing the school zone limits about 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after in the afternoon.
  2. It's 7.30 here.
  3. I'd be betting if he was doing 60 'just before 8am' he would have been fine... but doing 100kmh pissed the cops off so they threw everything they could at him.

    Edit: Just re-read the above post. If it's 7.30 there, then f*** him and his stupid Murano. :p
  4. 100km/hr out the front of a school?

    I'm firmly with the cops on this one.
  5. they word it like it like this guy has been on the run for months for murder, and it took YEARS of specialised training in Goulbourn Police Academy in order for the police officer to have the necessary experience to turn the one simple switch for the sirens. lols.
  6. I don't know the area but according to google maps that's about 2km. At 100kmh that's just a bit over a minute of which half is probably the fat donut eaters waking up and getting going. Not exactly a prolonged high speed chase is it?
  7. I have no sympathy for people who speed in school speed restriction zones but you have to admit people... those schools that have permanent 40kph zones are taking advantage of the situation.
  8. You should change the thread title to "Man gets what he deserves"

  9. you really should read posts before you reply to them; the infringement took place in Western Australia, a couple of kays at least from the Goulburn Academy.....
  10. That wasn't what interested me on google maps.

    Right next to Southern rd is a street named Gay Street.

    Ah, Perth....
  11. OK, guess the pont is made. The guy is a knob and he's going to get what's coming to him. However, my point about being careful about the time around school zones still applies. Especially in the city, Sydney/Melbourne etc where there seems to be a new school zone on every corner.
  12. Agreed. I think it would be useful if all school zone signs had flashing amber lights operating during active times. Could be done very simply and cheaply with modern electronics and a small solar panel at the top of the pole.
  13. ...seem to remember recently that there was a push to try and get "School Zones" to apply to day care centres etc too!!..... :-s
  14. That's actually done in NSW quite commonly. Works well and people really do pay attention.

    Although, this has reminded me of a recently implemented school zone on Warringah rd near my place. Used to be 70 during school times, now it's 40 even though the school drop off zone isn't near Warringah rd.

    I don't get this one - I'm guessing there has been an Amendment that has extended the School Zone territory to include that part of Warringah rd.

    People obey the speed limit there, but with the heavy flow of traffic on a major arterial, I don't give a kid chasing a ball onto the road much chance.
  15. Indeed. In fact a local inventor has developed said device that can be produced for under $100 if I recall, but the RTA refuses to use it.
  16. They do actually use them rc...

    Dunno about Wollongong, but they are in operation all around Syd.
  17. I know. There are a few schools down here that do use them, but they are the "RTA Approved" ones that cost thousands of dollars whereas the inventor guy's ones cost maybe $100. Typical. And, yes, they DO work.

    Slightly off-topic (and I'm a teacher so I'm all in favour of school zones), there is a huge problem with the major one here in Wollongong outside of The Illawarra Grammar School and that is that the local bogans, who wouldn't know a bee from a bull's foot (or they can't tell the time, or whatever) insist on doing 40km/h ALL the FREAKING time, whether it's school hours or not....](*,)](*,)](*,)
  18. The more important reason to keep your speed sane is the one the zone exists for in the first place: if some kid runs out onto the road, WTF do you do if you're going to hit 'im within a second? Even more so on a bike, since adults aren't the only ones focused exclusively on cars+bigger. Not to mention that you've got loads less visibility due to all the SUV's taking up the side of the road, and...

  19. Local? It was the bloke from lugarno, who had his street lit up like vegas each christmas. First, RTA straight refused to run lights but this guy just put makeshift ones up at the local primary school run on a timer. When the rta found out they took them down. The next day they were back up and it went on. Then the RTA did the 100 grand trick - apparently costs that much to intergrate them with the *cameras*.

    Honestly, those lights are the best thing to happen to NSW roads in quite a long time. It's a shame the RTA is so useless.
  20. It's also worth noting that the penaties for active school zone offences in NSW are higher - both fines and points.