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watch what side of road you're on

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by peter-weety, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. hi all...i dont post much here,hope this is ok here ,just want to tell you what happened to me today i was in my car and was just about to drive out of my street,i stoped looked left then right and was just about to go when i just cought a glimps of a biker coming on my right.i had parked cars on road so i didnt see it and my point is the biker was to far to the left so it was hard and almost impossible to see till almost to late t.g. i didn cut infront of the biker i would have been t-boned for sure,please fellow bikers, keep in mind what part of the lane is best to ride on in different situations. "stay up right"

  2. Re: watch what side of road your on

    yes sir
  3. Re: watch what side of road your on

    Agree with this point, i dont understand why some riders forget that in Aus you drive/ride on the left... this point is particularly relevant in scenarios where blind corners are part of the road.
  4. Re: watch what side of road your on

    What? He was too far left?

    We drive on the left so don't you mean stay "up" left?


    Stay upright
  5. Re: watch what side of road your on

    what he means is the rider was too far left in the lane, as in closer to the kerb side.
    and it's a valid point, because that road positioning in that scenario, makes it harder for a car pulling out to see you,... or he will see you later, rather than sooner.
    consider the drivers line of sight and get into it early apon your approach.
    the further to the right in the lane the bike was, the sooner it will enter the drivers field of vision.
  6. Re: watch what side of road your on

    thanks monkeyman..thats spot on what i meant..sorry i didnt make it so clear guys .another reason its harder to see if to far left to kerb..the frame of car is a blind spot...stay safe ..
  7. Re: watch what side of road your on

    Yes, exactly. And unfortunately, this lack of situational awareness, is demonstrated way to often by bike riders. :-(