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Watch this completely and intently, you will be tested later

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by incitatus, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Piece o piss, I understood that completely, (and am a compulsive liar)

  2. Faaark that totally did my brain in.....

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  3. That bloke is obviously on powerful hallucinogens, and needs serious help

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  4. 42

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  1. Watch this completely and intently, you will be tested later...


    Start by clicking on "Imagining the Ten Dimensions" from the Navigation menu at the left of the opening screen: this will take you to the introductory eleven minute animation.
  2. 4th dimension is easy.. (Depending on if you subscribe to the "4th dimension is time" train of though or not)..


    Anything more than 4 dimensions worries me. :oops:
  3. Meh, the entire universe is just a hologram projected from my brain. It can have as many dimensions as I feel like. Right now, I'm seeing in the 9th dimension. Nice boobs Inci...(It's bizarre, I know...)
  4. From what i can figure there realy talking about warping time in diferent ways and calling them diferent dimensions.
    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th are easy. 5th, 6th 7th are a 3D version of time relative to us (multiverse theory). 8th, 9th and 10th are a 3D version of time as relavent to infinity.

    now as i understand Quantum theory 8, 9 and 10 cant exist as all KNOWN quantum thorys need at least 1 referance point (point 0) and they actualy talk about this in the last few minutes, therefore blowing holes in there own theory.

    A good book to read (believe it or not) is 'I'm Not Really Here' by Tim Allen (Tim the tool man) it puts some of the Quantum concepts in laymans terms.
  5. way cool. i love this stuff. i don't get it at all, but i love it. brian greene tries to explain string theory in his book and tv series 'The Elegant Universe'. he didn't get to parallel universes til the 11th dimension whereas these guys get there in 7!

    so what were you looking up this time inci?? :p
  6. Hey Carri, i did an on line limbic test, aparently i'm crap with the artsy fartsy stuff :shock: like tell me something i DONT know :p
  7. Carrie I can't lay claim to that one, my sadistic youngest son bought me the book, and I went to the website in the vain hope that it was 'dumbed down' enough for my feeble brain............it wasn't.
  8. 42 i plead 42... :( my brain can't take the explanation anymore the guy's voice is driving me nuts...
  9. cool. you may already know that about you, but if you play with the applications it'll allow you to (1) use the creative side of your brain more effectively for problem-solving and decision-making and (2) influence and gain co-operation from more right-brained, 'arty' people when you have to. what website did you go to?

    sorry for hijacking your thread for a mo inci. please thank your son for me :grin:
  10. just googled for an on line test, cant find the link at the moment, it was a heap of yes/no type questions, only problem was most of them i wanted to answer may be or ask why :p but i guess thats just me.

    anything you can recomend for reading?
  11. there's an intro here that probably serves as a reasonable starting pointhttp://www.wholebrainthinking.com.au/nbi.htm. if i think of more i'll PM you so we don't take up more of inci's thread.
  12. OK, so if we fold time and space we can be anywhere or be anything? :?

    Mummy my brain hurts :tantrum:
  13. I'm going to watch The Matrix again!
  14. No not realy, it's sort of like this..
    you can not change the past without afecting the future, even the fact you traveled back to the past affects the NOW that is the current reality. so you end up with a slightly diferent now.
    so then if you travel back the same amount from the new slightly diferent now you end up with another new now.

    have a read of Schrodinger's cat theory, it ilustrates that just by observing something it could change the outcome, therfore something may or may not happen but we cant know as just by observing we could change the outcome.

    it's one of the building blocks of Quantum theories

    my advice, first try and get your head around the theory of special relativity (timespace)
  15. Should I be warming up the Delorian right about now...?
  16. Nah, i prefer to travel like this, much more romantic.
  17. Oh just a by the by, theres also a part of time travel theory that says you can not travel forward in time from when a time machine is invented.

    so if a time machine was invented today it is not possible to travel to tomorrow as tomorrow has not happened in this reality.
  18. Yeah observation has a direct impact on the experiment, yep got it. The cat is only dead when we see it, the tree is soundless unless someone hears it, etc etc. Bloody quantum physics, here I was living in my comfy world of absolutes and then BAM everything you understand is true may not be, it depends on how you look at it.

    I want my brown cardigan and cup of tea now. :eek:hno:
  19. Yeah, but if a bloke tries to understand his wife while unseen in the forest, is he still wrong?