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Watch the rescue live

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by typhoon, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Man, she's getting hammered. Never seen a large ship like that move around so much.

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. It looks like its moving and what's with the reply on top of the original post?
  3. I think the server and/or phpBB2 had a temp time shift/change which caused replies done during that time to appear before the topics made shortly before the time change vortex worm hole stephen hawking string theory rimmer dwayne dibbley hole that happened to said server/phpBB2 software ;) *cue spooky sound* and a misty haze
  4. I suspect that that :)shock:) is indeed the case, because for around half an hour after I posted the original post in the thread I kept getting the 'you can't do another search so soon after posting (or whatever)' message. I sure have never seen a reply hit the board before the OP before.
  5. Well, they didn't end up moving her, but are having another go tomorrow night and again on Saturday if required. No doubt many of you have seen photos of her over the last few weeks. Here's some photos that were taken from the deck of the Pasha Bulker. They give a pretty good idea of how close she is. The second shot actually shows the spot on the beach where I proposed to my wife 15 years ago. Bit of trivia. :grin:


  6. *nod* Which leads to the "You can't do another search so soon" time limit is way way too high, we need a smaller limit. I love to multi task (ha, I have about 20-30 tabs open, POSSIBLY more in my firefox on my poor stressed linux desktop Toshiba M45-S265 (upped stats tho, 100gb HDD, 1 GB RAM and not sure what else is upped from standard, if anything) and I'll do a search, go to next tab, search for something else "in context" and get that I'm too quick to search error msg. My god, I'm not a teenager anymore, I never make it "too quick" before I do it ;) *cough* Umm, err yeah... Bloody servers, can't rely on them *kick* :LOL: It's good to be on the end that does the kicking for once as opposed to be the one who has to fix broken stuff whenever it happened, and it has to be fixed before the stoppage happened ok!?!? :roll: I sure did earn my pay $$$ at those times, definitely was able to fix most/all errors within seconds/minutes?? :blah:

    Well, I gotta be positive and let out all the bonuses I am worth ;) I just need my injury to (near) recover and associated pain with it to go away so I can think.. normal :-w instead of :facepalm: . I'd love to stop all the (semi) high buzzes from my pain meds if the pain I had would stop... That'd be a lovely thought.. Hmmm... pain free..... I remember that feeling. I think! :-k
  7. I can't help it my inner dork wants to break free.

    Can anybody tell me what's wrong with this statement by Joe Tripodi?

    "There's extra buoyancy as a consequence of air pressure continuing to be put into the ship."
  8. Ummm, compressed air weighs more?
    I actually think he's confused (shock, Iemma mafia boy clueless?), I think they are pressurising the compartment/s with the damage, in an attempt to stop the ship taking on water.
    It seems free at the bow, but seems to be pivoting on the stern gear, which is obviously where all the weight is in her at the moment.
    As for my original post, I am a timelord. I posted it when I had to travel back to get to the shops before they closed.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. hmm, that confirms at least one of the suspicions I have had about you, Andrew :LOL:.
  10. On the news they were saying that they are going to spin it around, then pull out it by the bow.
  11. The outer hull was damaged during the initial beaching, so that water entered between the outer and inner hulls. They must be able to pressurise the gap between hulls to force the water out.